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March 27th, 10:06 | Back (in purple?)

It is both entertaining and damn hard to do yoga with a cat around. Or at least, with my cat around.

This makes the second morning that I've made an effort to haul my tired carcass onto the mat and it's worked out fairly well. The living room is plenty spacious (read: I have no way of predicting which direction the cat will bolt onto my mat from), and faces south, which makes for some nice sunlight (which, now that I'm all done, the kitty is enjoying from aflopped state on her throne). It is both encouraging and slightly weirding me out that I'm moving away from the carefully prepared little "cue cards" I made for myself years and years ago (so as not to have to try to build a "workout" on the fly); I step onto the mat now with pretty good ideas about what I think my body needs. Is this good? Is this awareness? Or is this just me copping out of what might be a harder posture prescribed by my little rainbow cards?

Anyway, it's only been two days, but I'm still proud of myself. I'm hoping to make this a sort of morning routine (that means the cat would get used to it and stop settling down for a nap under my downward-facing dog, right?) but I realize that it's not that likely to happen. I'm attached to sleep, and once I no longer start work at 10, it'll probably get harder to get up early enough, but now this whole discourse is just descending into a big whineathon.


My week in the hometown was both hectic and filled with really pleasant unrushed moments; very welcome indeed. Chan's stagette (complete with tassles and strippers!) is coming along, although if the restaurant doesn't call me back sometime today I'm going to lose it.

Other nice moments include working at home and hanging out with my dad all day, getting to hang out on St. Patrick's day (complete with sparkly plastic hats!) with The Boy and my friends (a rare occasion indeed), and having a friend at least pretend to like the scarf I knit for her.

All in all, a good week. The goodbye dinner for my teamlead was emotionally draining, and the rest of the week was pretty much downhill from there. It was a very happy camper indeed who walked through the front door Saturday afternoon to flop onto the bed for cuddles with the cat. (Aha, I get it now. She missed me so much that she's getting in all the time possible -- including while I'm trying to do yoga. Except that now she's hiding under the bed. Hmm.)

With the return of The Boy last night (with a new car! !!) things have returned, somewhat, to normal. Things feel grey and stretched and tired, which I'm really hoping isn't normal, but then, this year's been a pretty busy one for our household: maybe some slower times are in store.

(Then again, Ultimate is gearing up, and I'm going all out trying to find teams to paddle with. So probably not. We'll see.)

Last book read: 1602, Neil Gaiman (what? It's a graphic novel -- that counts!)

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