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March 15th, 13:48 | Nigella, boobs thereof

So last night The Boy came home to find me watching Nigella on the food network, sat down and started telling me a story. (Being the dutiful girlfriend that I am, I of course, was knitting while only occasionally looking up at the TV (since I'd seen that episode before), while nodding at appropriate moments in his story.)

Out of nowhere, and completely interrupting himself, The Boy bursts out with "My GOD! Her boobs are huge!" In response to the somewhat blank look on my face, he felt the need to support his argument: "What?? Look! Seriously, they're enormous!"

Anyway, I found the whole thing funny. He's probably completely forgotten by now.

Last book read: Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting Into Shape, Jennifer Stafford (mmm, gifty!)

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