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January 24th, 12:55 | Open Letter To Gas Stations

Dear gas stations of the world,

Look, I know you lead hard lives: the oil companies are trying to milk you, and all your customers are grumpy about the high cost of fuel, and it's Not Your Fault, and we understand, really. But would it trouble you that much to Turn Off (Or Zero) The Goddamn Price Sign when every single one of your pumps is out of service? Seriously. I realize YOU might not consider 8:56am to be a busy time of day, but when I'm on my way to work, know that I'm about to hit empty in the car, and plan to feed it at your station, I really, really do NOT want to be spending 6 or 8 minutes driving around your banks of stations, because, as it turns out, THEY ARE ALL USELESS.

I do appreciate your, ahem, helpful directions ("Uh, like three lights that way? I think? I mean, it's next to the Loeb right? On the... I don't know what side of the road it's on...") to find another -- functional -- gas station, but I am actually sufficiently annoyed that I have vowed never to darken your driveways again.

P.S. It's not the pricing. It's just YOU. Just so we're clear.

Sincerely, lilephyte


So my morning didn't start off on the best of feet, but it's okay: the days been going fairly steadily uphill since, so that's not bad.

I have, however, been perusing all sorts of crap online that is starting to prey on my poor susceptible consciousness and tell it that, come on, I need this stuff which, if I take a step back and actually think about it, I really don't. Seriously. If I've made it this far without putting on foundation or other face powder (because I have NO IDEA what the difference is) every day, I think a couple more years without isn't going to hurt. Etc.

There's more. I have been living a non-superficial life too, although I'm feeling a little too frenetic to update y'all about it just right now.

More soon. I'm excited about all the ideas percolating due to the Yarn Embargo. The inability to buy the yarn I want to knit Everything In The World, Seriously, is starting to sort of force me to prioritize. (Also: knit up the stuff I do have much faster.)

Last book read: The Bread Baker's Apprentice; I'm, uh, not up to that level yet.

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