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March 29th, 16:46 | In which lilephyte is surprised that she resists temptation... sort of

I don't really know what this says about me, but I was reading through the FlyLady site (...not for the first time, I'll admit), and... I honestly don't think I need it. While the small, accountant-apron-wearing part of my brain that glories in binders and schedules (I call her "Hermionette") got all excited and was busily making a list of all the new tasks I should be adding to my mental chore routines, the rest of me kind of shrugged, and calmly closed that window.

Is this new for me?

I have always been ridiculously susceptible to "You! Fix up your life! Here's how!"-type plans, literature, etc. (Anyone remember my disastrous gym adventure?) Usually I'll be all gung ho, get everything started (complete with colour-coded binder!) and then... and then two weeks later I'll have totally forgotten the point of it. I have no Routine Stamina, really. I realize that the point of the FlyLady's system is to slowly build up routines, all while refusing to let you slack off but... for the first time, I can honestly read through her advice and think "Yeah, those are all good ideas*... and I don't need any of them."

It's a surprising revelation for me, to actually feel happy and satisfied with the way things are, in one area of my life at least, and although I half feel like this is kind of a pointless blog entry (I can sum it up with: People! I'm happy with the state of my home the way it is! I am not a slob, and that makes me happy!), it's such a weird realization that I really wanted to document it, to spell it out for myself. (What kind of blog, after all, only documents the bad times, the times of self-doubt, and vicious rage? What? Mine up until now, you say? Hmm.)

People have been telling me for as long as I can remember that "lilephyte, you're the organized one!" and I never saw it: my own life was always a disaster. I realize now that my great enthusiasm for starting projects is what was fooling everyone: I have no problem at all organizing stuff for other people, cleaning something, creating a system, whatever. As long as I don't have to be the person to maintain it, I can do anything, create anything, fix any mess. When it comes to my own life, however, that really doesn't work. One can't constantly start on new things: some routines have to exist. I am thankful to note today that while I may be missing a whole host of useful routines, I am apparently inexorably equipped with some to keep my house clean**, and keep bills paid on time.

(Note: I'm not even pretending I trained myself into those two things on my own either. I credit my mom entirely. Thanks mom!)

So, that's about it. A huge long burbling gush about how happy I am that I can maintain a livably clean home and how happy I am that I won't fall prey to yet another (well-meaning! but) unnecessary Life Makeover System.


Of course you know that totally didn't stop me from signing up for her daily reminders and "5-minute missions", right? What? I said I was clean, not sensible...

* Well, except for the shoe thing; I just can't get over that. Blame my upbringing, whatever. Shoes are not worn inside the house, no matter how clean they are.

** And before he throws a fit, no, I do not do all of the house-cleaning by myself, either. The Boy helps out lots, too, when we decide to do Serious Actual Cleaning. For the purposes of this entry, however, I was more talking about smaller tasks, picking up after us, de-cluttering, stuff like that that I usually do during the day. And that's all me, baby.

Last book read: Still 1602, which I heartily recommend. We found it most amusing.

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