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July 30th, 16:21 | Factoid Sheet... Of Doom!

Well, today's the day. After months of havering and hinting, I've finally put together my Factoid Sheet Of Doom. (Take notes, there will be a test.)

Okay, as predicted, I changed the format, to use the numbering tags. Because of this, my list no longer starts at zero. (Or rather, at 000.) So if some of the comments about numbers don't make sense, that's why. You know, in case you cared and all...

  1. I am a list addict. There is nothing I won't make lists for.

  2. Similarly with those "all about me!" quizzes one sees everywhere.

  3. Although I have two of those big book things full of cds, I usually listen to mp3s.

  4. The first time I really thought about it, I thought the concept of "zero" was the coolest thing ever.

  5. I don't really believe this is an unlucky number, although I sometimes act as though I do. I don't really believe in lucky numbers of any sort.

  6. This doesn't prevent me from squawking about them though.

  7. I sing like a drunken hyena. For this reason I try to restrict myself to the shower and the car.

  8. I would like to work myself up to hard-core camping, and going hiking in BC and Chilkoot and stuff like that.

  9. I hate (urban) BC. I'm the only person in Canada who does, but I do. It's overrated.

  10. Nine is totally my favourite number. If you can guess why, you get a mixed tape? (Well, or cd.)

  11. I -heart- reading. Some things I won't touch, but mostly, it's all good.

  12. That pretty much describes my music-listening habits too.

  13. I am crazily susceptible to corn chips.

  14. I am madly in love with boots of all sorts (practical and non), but only own two pairs (one of each).

  15. I have been known to eat Tim Horton's chili as early as 10:28am.

  16. I'll watch action flicks and lust over hot girls with the guys. In fact, I enjoy it immensely.

  17. I am, however, highly critical of the potential drool-objects. Let's face it: Mena Suvari? Denise Richards? So not hot.

  18. For a couple years, including 17, I was firmly convinced that it was the best age to be.

  19. I was actually more excited about getting to vote than getting to (legally) buy alcohol (in Quebec).

  20. As MathieEx recently commented, I am extremely fond of putting colourful crap in my hair (streamers, hair things, sproingy headbands, streaks, etc.)

  21. I get sulky when described as "cute".

  22. I'm totally against putting the period inside the " for semantic reasons, even though that's the way the rules say it ought to be done.

  23. Although my driver's license says I'm 22, I can't really picture being 22 (or 23 for that matter). Thusly, I shall remain 21 until I hit 24.

  24. I have never needed coffee to get me going in the morning. I like that about me.

  25. I have a mild fixation on Godzilla and all things Godzilla-esque.

  26. That isn't why I use Mozilla though. (No really, it's not. I swear.)

  27. I love Stewart's Key Lime Soda. Their Orange Cream one's good too.

  28. I found The Mirror Has Two Faces to be watchable because I liked the stuff that both profs "taught" their classes.

  29. I find girls who have that polished, blonde, Britney look to be somewhat alarming. There's something disconcertingly artificial about them, although I can't really explain it.

  30. Muffins are a food of the gods.

  31. I'm convinced that at some point in my early thirties I'll suddenly hit a huge dive in my metabolism, thus heralding the start of what I term My Lard-Ass Stage.

  32. This hasn't prompted me to start taking care of my body though.

  33. I am a packrat. It's pathological and I need help. But I refuse to stop!

  34. I totally played with Barbies when I was little. I used them to create fantasy hair styles I couldn't do on myself.

  35. I like the feel of walking around barefoot.

  36. I have an obsession with and an ongoing mission to procure for myself cool (and colourful!) socks.

  37. This has not been helped in any way by MechetyAnne, who ties with my sister as world champion of Cool Sock Ownership.

  38. I totally abuse punctuation and capitalization -- with no shame! English grammar is my bitch.

  39. I am a cheap drunk.

  40. (Some) fish are pretty.

  41. I have no tattoos or unusual piercings. I plan to get the tattoos as part of my mid-life crisis (once I'm so old no one will want to see any of my skin so I won't need to worry about what shows when).

  42. This isn't as hard to do as I'd feared it would be.

  43. ...I've read HH so many times I'm actually intimidated by this number. (And yet I still haven't watched the BBC series, despite having owned it for something like 8 months now.)

  44. I own two decks of tarot cards, neither of which is the IIJ set, which I would like.

  45. I do not like Montreal bagels. Cream cheese is iffy too.

  46. I have never been on the traditional "first date". Consequently, I've never been able to offer an opinion on the "kiss on the first date?" debate.

  47. My weakness for cinnamon hearts appears to have waned somewhat this year.

  48. I'm mildly compulsive. It mostly shows up when I'm worried or upset.

  49. Due to said compulsiveness, I'll probably be messing with the formatting of this list long after I've posted it.

  50. I would like to try both skateboarding and snowboarding.

  51. I love skirts. I'm all for pants as well, I'm just saying I like skirts too.

  52. I have a theory that all guys like Hendrix and Army of Darkness.

  53. My machine at work suffers from the most awful lag. Oddly, it doesn't really bother me.

  54. I credit my lack of impatience to not having played many network FPS/RPGs.

  55. I bought myself a set of Ikea finger puppets a few weeks ago.

  56. I'm stubborn stubborn stubborn but usually only about stupid things.

  57. I love dancing, any kind of dancing. I wouldn't want to do it for a living though.

  58. I chase seagulls and pigeons in the city. They're vermin, and need the exercise.

  59. Even though I'm not Christian, I really like churches and cathedrals. I like the hush, the feeling of safety. Thoughts like "haven" and "sanctuary" pour from the walls. I think it's all the faith that's been soaked into the buildings.

  60. Pirates are cool. Yarrrr.

  61. So are ninjas.

  62. And robots.

  63. I love KD with an unwholesome and all-consuming passion.

  64. I'm frightened of bugs. Exceptions: junebugs, houseflies, Drosophila melanogaster, mosquitos, worms (which I quite like, actually) and ladybugs.

  65. Naps in the sunshine rock the fucking casbah. (Although I feel muzzy and cotton wool-y after.)

  66. I agree with Snowflake that if you're doing something you love for money, it becomes hard, because it's cheapened, and you have to compromise.

  67. It totally cracks me up that there are 66 books in the Bible.

  68. (Yes, I counted.)

  69. I was lucky enough to have travelled a whole whack of places, with my parents. I love travelling.

  70. I love Canada, and I think it's beautiful. I love roadtrips and really would love to just wander around my country some more. North 0wnz me.

  71. Numbers starting with '7' always struck me as being tacky for some reason.

  72. I blame disco.

  73. I rarely leave home without my 6L MEC bag, which remains at all times crammed full of assorted crap I carry around with me because I might need it at some point.

  74. It's kind of like being an experiment in girl guiding gone horribly wrong. (Although I was a very good girl guide.)

  75. More recently, I've also started carrying my digicam around everywhere with me.

  76. I say FRUS-tra-ted, not frus-TRA-ted.

  77. I also pronounce "lasagne" las-san-ya, not la-zon-ya like the rest of the world.

  78. I heart linux, and it has nothing to do with world domination. Free software just makes sense to me.

  79. I have this thing about feminism. In all my brushes with it, it seems to run squarely against my own thoughts, along with common sense. It could just be bad experiences, but so far, I'm not a big fan.

  80. I'm not really a big fan of tomato soups. I love cream soups though.

  81. I'm all about bringing the words "shall", "sha'n't" and "ought" back into common usage.

  82. I wear slippers on tile floors.

  83. I am highly pro-cat and vehemently anti-small-(yappy-)dog.

  84. Since weaning myself off Coke last summer, I've been drinking lots more water. I can't see that this has improved my health any, although I do agree that it's probably a good thing.

  85. I am very much looking forward to re-embracing my Coke-sodden existance at the U.

  86. I don't actually think Trinity's that hot. I'll admit that she's all tough and ass-kicking and vinyl-clad and such, which in itself is kinda sexy, but just on her own? Not really.

  87. I swear I wasn't this obsessed and prone to objectifying women before I hit university.

  88. ...or was I? (No really, I wasn't.)

  89. I suck at mah johng, along with most games.

  90. Actually, I'd be pretty hard pressed to name you any game (of any sort) that I'm really good at.

  91. I took ballet when I was little. I don't remember ever wearing a tutu though.

  92. I like tofu. And it's not because I'm some soy-loving hippie vegan. It tastes great when prepared properly.

  93. Not to offend soy-loving vegan hippies. I'm just saying, I likes me a good steak.

  94. This was my number on the volleyball team.

  95. I'm totally against anyone interfering in your life in any realm unnecessary.

  96. I know more about astrology than I would have thought. Although I don't believe in it in the sense of the stars/Fate controlling/forecasting one's life, I think it's interesting to see how a directed point of view makes you change the way you look at something. Like tarot, or tea leaf reading.

  97. I like blowing bubbles for cats to chase. Heck, I like blowing bubbles for me to chase.

  98. I love multi-player board games. Specifically Scrabble, Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

  99. Although there's lots of things I'm remarkably bad or mediocre at, I really do think I'm a pretty good baker, for pastries, desserts, and breads.

  100. I used to want to be married on Hallowe'en. (I still argue that strategically, it's a great day to have chosen.)

  101. I make up words for my own use on a fairly regular basis.

  102. I abhor marmite, and have vowed never to have any (ever!) in my own house.

  103. Whatever happened to "You Don't Know Jack"?

  104. I eat my KD with a fork, and my "standard" pancake involves mint and chocolate chips.

  105. One of my most vivid memories of Holland involves posing for a picture while a goat tried to eat my (plastic) jacket.

  106. Most peoples' backrubs, massages are too rough for me. (I'm a sissy.)

  107. I gave up on the idea of living for my career a long time ago. While I want a job I like, what I really want is just to Be with the people I love and hang out.

  108. Fundamentally though, isn't that what everyone wants? (Apart from the power-hungry, obviously. Which I'm not. *cough* No really.)

  109. I think it'd be cool to know how to play bass guitar. It's one of those idle wishful thoughts though.

  110. There was a time when I was very much in line with Tantric Buddhism. (And no, it had nothing to do with the sex.)

  111. When I was younger, I really wanted pet mice. My dad and I had discussed it and we even had some plans but... I guess I lost interest.

  112. Although I really love sewing, I admit freely that I need way more practice at it.

  113. I really love looking at peoples' cosplay outfits and garb though. So pretty.

  114. One of my favourite places to read is camped on the bathroom counter. I don't know why.

  115. I could have done this all in an <ol> structure, but then there wouldn't be all the snazzity zeros.

  116. I'll probably change it later anyway, though. I'm really indecisive.

  117. I think sheep with the black faces and feet, all sticking out of the poofy wool cloud body are so cute. They smell less cute in real life though.

  118. My childhood was essentially pillow-fight-less.

  119. Scottish and Irish accents (in guys) are so very, very sexy.

  120. I totally dig factoid sheets and personal bio pages on other peoples' blogs.

  121. I have been known to be distracted by shiny objects. While sober.

  122. I am petty as fuck. But only sometimes.

  123. I can't sleep if there's a clock or watch ticking that I can hear.

  124. I bruise incredibly easily. The bruises heal rather slowly though.

  125. I wear Sesame St. band-aids.

  126. In my work area is a plush monkey I won during a team-building lunch. I named him "Charlton".

  127. There's also this green potato-shaped dude RecentEx and I won playing skeeball.

  128. I like when some people say "ciao". Not everyone can pull it off though.

  129. On the bus back from Ottawa, there was a sign (just outside Peterborough) that said "Toronto 128". I watch for these things. Along the 401, between Montreal and Toronto, there isn't a single distance flag that's a power of two, you know.

  130. I'm a big nerd. Star Wars, Atari, Star Trek, you name it.

  131. My target age. HA! No, not really. But it's a nice number.

  132. One of my ideas of a good time involves coke, cookies and four movies in a row. (Or rather, conversation and heckling four movies in a row that everyone's seen and knows backwards.)

  133. I've been collecting patches and pins from places I visit for awhile now. I keep losing them though. Arg.

  134. I'm all over NES like a crackwhore on leopardprint.

  135. These aren't classed in any sort of "theme" by number, although in retrospect, that would have been kinda cool.

  136. Webcomics, blogs, personal site rants. If there's "meaningless content" on the web, I'm all over it.

  137. I have been described as paranoid. I'm not really. I just value my privacy.

  138. My best friend thinks I'm a neat-freak. Her mom thinks I'm tidy. Hmm.

  139. I do this weird thing on the phone where if there's a reflection of me, I'll look at it. I don't really know why.

  140. I filled this out almost completely non-linearly. Mmm... non-sequential goodness...

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