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December 16th, 22:29 | Snow Day

Today, despite putting a minor wrench in my Getting Shit Ready For "The Holidays" plans, was a much-appreciated break.

Much like everyone else enjoying a snow day, The Boy and I pretty much just hung out at home (after a somewhat hectic, wind-driven-snow-scratching-at-face dash across the street for a very tasty brunch) and hung out. We made plans to watch the second season of Heroes, and then didn't. (What can I say? It is how we roll. We'll get around to it eventually.)

We were in the hometown for awhile, where we orchestrated The Meeting Of The Parents, which went well (to his surprise), but with news of the storm, we were shooed back North by both our parents.

(I feel the need to drop a shout-out to my sister and brother-in-law (dude!) for watching our DivaCat while we were in town, especially since a) her presence prevented them from sleeping the first night and, b) due to our hastened departure, we didn't even get to hang out. Thanks chan! Next time: sushi!)

So, today. I did actually fight my way through the blizzard (before 9am, people; I am not a church-goer, that is early in my world) to get to yoga class, and was rewarded with being 20% of the people there. Quite sweet.

After that, since we didn't watch Heroes, I had all day to catch up on my Christmas knitting right? Ha. Hahahahaha. No. I repaired my jacket, The Boy's hoodie, and baked cookies, which I then decorated with leftover Hallowe'en smarties. Want to see?

gingerbread masterpieces

(Sorry for the dizzying camera angle. I was a little tired.)

I can't find my little people cookie cutters, so these ones came out about hand-sized which, admittedly, made decorating easier, but also now I feel weird about eating them because, as you can see, each one is a masterwork of creative expression, crafted with budding genius out of my kitchen's meagre offerings. I don't know, I just think they look cute and don't want them to disappear yet, you know?

No? Right. I'll just go have a cookie then...

Last book read: Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? by Lou Gerstner; good first half if you're interested in IBM, really dry th

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