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Andy - 2008-01-22 16:36:39
Hello again. This is Mistrelite from DiaryLand AKA Andy Pope. We haven't spoken since, I believe, the summer of 2006, when you pointed out the self-censorship I was engaged in. I believe I responded with an insane note regarding the local bicycle cop getting ready to squash everyone on a Friday night, not realizing that it was actually Thursday at the time. Anyway, I have no idea whether this entry of yourse refers to December 16, 2006; or December 16, 2007; but in either case: (1) that's Beethoven's birthday, so happy Birthday, Beethoven; & (2) I'm looking for intelligent people to give my new message board a shot-in-the-arm. I linked to it above, and all philosophical viewpoints are appreciated. Later.

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