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August 24th, 16:58 | Mr. Clean vs Swiffer -- win by default

I have now officialy swiffered our kitchen.

This statement, of course, is fraught with untruths, because not only do we not own any true Swiffer products, but this was "wet swiffering", if you will, which I think kind of discounts it from the true, or at least original, idea of the Swiffer duster thing. Since the action is about the same, however, I'm not going to worry too much about it.

Pedantic details aside, I just test-drove, if you will, the Mr. Clean Clean Mop (French: Vadrouille -- much more exciting -- Vadrouille!) and it seems to work okay. The tent-pole-like assembly was thankfully now familiar to yours truly who, if you'll remember, had never slept in, let alone assembled, a tent prior to last week's roadtrip. Anyway, so that was all very easy, as was the getting it to spray, etc. I remain unconvinced as to its ability to truly clean the floor (mop replacement? I don't think so), but it did a pretty good job of getting the splattered pie and juice bits off the floor, so that's good. Much like a mop, however, it does require vacuuming of solids first.

The thing that amuses me most about this whole episode is the purchase. The Boy and I were standing in Walmart or something, staring up at the 12-foot tower of various pseudo-mops available. I was reaching for the Swiffer Wet-Jet because, hey, no one gets affected by advertising the way the girl who doesn't watch TV does. The Boy however, argued for The Vadrouille. His reasoning? "I trust Mr. Clean. He has an honest face." Okay then. So we'll now have floors of debateable cleanliness, but at least our mop has a face you can trust. Nice.

(To be fair, I don't know that the Wet-Jet would have been any better. But it's fun to make fun of the Boy anyway. You know.)

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