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August 22nd, 00:58 | Oregon is actually a really cool state

Well holy cats has it ever been awhile. In the meantime my parents have sold the apartment, moved to a new house, yours truly has moved to the frozen north with The Boy, and more recently, just come back from a west coast roadtrip, consisting of flying out to Vancouver, driving down to San Francisco (with major detours in Oregon, including a stop at a garlic festival and a sketchy DQ south of Coos Bay) and then back up again, before flying home, to help my parents unpack, before finally getting back here. Where shit is still sitting around in boxes (seriously; like my mouse? no idea where it is) since I was only here 3 days before we left.


I'm pretty tired, and I hate the boxes, but I have to say that the roadtrip was pretty well-planned. The soonness helped stave off some of the inevitable homesickness (I expect more of that when the boxes are gone and some form of routine has kicked in), and also got me used to spending oodles of time with The Boy, but in an environment where we weren't really on anyone's turf. We were kind of neutrally lost in The US Wilderness. It was a good trip.

Highlights of the move thus far (excepting obviously the whole "living with significant other" thing) include the timing of everything (apartment, U-Haul, etc.) being pretty good, buying a $2 mini-lava-lamp nightlight at Walmart (so cute! so gloopy!), having pudding (also Walmart) and watching lots of Firefly (which might explain the slow unpacking process).

So tired. Feel a little tense still, like I'm waiting to unwind (from what?); need to sleep prior to work tomorrow though. Looking forward to the return to normal life (albeit from a new city). I wonder a little how the rest of the world has been sliding and changing without me watching. It's good to feel connected again.

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