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August 29th, 22:43 | Feel It

I am obsessed, there's no doubt.

Thanks to Tinfoil, I have been listening for the past two days (essentially) to Feel It by Jakalope. You need to check them the fuck out right now. You can listen if you like, and wonder about my taste, or just see what all the fuss is about. You should all know I am going to get my hands on their album sometime really damn soon, and I only just realized that they recruited Trent for their newest (?) album. Trent. I mean, yes, I know I declared my giddy fangirl days to be long over (let's be honest; when was the last time I listened to a NIN track? It's more than 2 years ago, that's for damn sure) but I can't help myself. This is where he belongs; I can't wait to hear what he's helped to craft. I haven't been this excited about new music since I was in university. It's a good feeling.

Further to that, it's just right. There's something soothing about finding a song that just echoes right with how you're feeling at the moment and just zoning out. Thus I spent a good ten minutes on the floor of the apartment with headphones (I found them! Yes!) completely out of things, letting this song wash over me. It was fantastic. The last time I did that was with Tori and it was... not such a good time.

Anyway, the long and short of it: I love it. I'm sure at some point the trashy shallow electronicness of some of their other tracks will get to me, and taint my experience of Feel It, but I assume that's why I'm getting in as much of it now as I can.

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