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April 23rd, 00:41 | so sore I'm waddling

So... yours truly? Not the smartest cookie in the jar.

Today, or, I suppose I should now say yesterday's dragon boat practice should have been fine. I had a weekend off between practices, and for once actually got tonnes of sleep on a Friday night. Except. Except I decided a couple weeks ago to attend a moshka that day, so naturally, when I woke up all ready for dragon boat, I discovered that I couldn't move. I'm a smart one.

It wasn't so bad. I mellowed a bit as the day wore on, and actually doing the strokes loosened me up (on my right side anyway), so that's all good. I'm thinking seriously about buying myself a plastic paddle, although I'm also kind of half-wondering if it would be worth it to just buy myself a carbon-fibre one. (Comparison: wooden paddle = $30; plastic (slightly lighter) paddle = $60; graphite paddle so light you barely feel it = $160+. Hmm...) It's true I'm not really a serious racer or anything, and to be honest, it'd probably be a better investment to buy myself a lifejacket than a paddle, but it would be really nice to have a paddle that's always the right length for me, and that I could tape up with grips. If all goes well this summer, I'll be racing in four races, and I'm kind of hoping that next summer I'll get to join another team Up North so... it's kind of worth it, right? Hmm. Maybe if I commit myself to the idea of the graphite paddle, I can get myself a plastic paddle and a lifejacket instead? Bargain!

(You see? This is why I'm not allowed unescorted into malls. Put me into any kind of shopping environment and I'm doomed. I ran across the street to a Loblaws for emergency baking chocolate chips last week, and walked out with a $15 thing of St. Ives bath products for fuck's sake. I am hopeless.)

Anyway, on non-consumer-related fronts, I've started gaming again! I played in a game tonight where I got to control seven Snake People (the foe of the established players in this gaming group). Sadly (for me anyway), all but one of my Snake People got so disheartened by the death of their leader that they ran off. My last guy held on mightily though. He did me proud. Next game my actual character will come into his own for real. I plan on making him an overly cocky, yet incredibly well-intentioned 18-year old Fighter. We'll see how that all works out.

Also, as I got into this gaming group via SpaceCadet (whose friend runs the game), I got to hang out with his girlfriend, and she runs a writing group (over email) where once every [time period] they write short (2-10 pages) documents about a topic of her choosing. So that's pretty awesome. I figure if I ever hope to complete any of my half-assed writing projects, instilling a little discipline into my writing can't hurt. So I got myself all signed up for that... now let's hope that the fact that I know the organizer will shame me into keeping up with it...

Back to the consumption, though, I've gotten on with the knitting project my mother hi-jacked over the Easter weekend while I was away.

During one of the (sadly, many) closing sales of Lewiscrafts all over Canada, my mom and I picked up some "wool" (if it can be called that) to make a kind of shirt thing. I'd started the bottom of one side, and had put the project on hold for the long weekend, as there was a stitch I didn't know how to do (read: something other than a stocking stitch). I got back, and my mother had knit a good 10 inches worth.

(Honestly, it's not like she doesn't have knitting projects of her own.)

To make matters more interesting, it turns out that I apparently knit a lot more loosely than she does (what, me? less uptight than someone? get out) so she's advised me that her piece will be the back, while I can knit the front. Well. I started today, and am feeling generally more confidant about the whole project. I'm also locking my half away when I'm not working on it, though, to prevent her from stealing my learning project. Again. Jeez.

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