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April 21th, 17:46 | Itchy as all get-out, but I *sound* good

Well, this year's ultimate season has definitely started. I know this, because within 6 minutes of getting to the field, I had approximately 38 bug bites on my person (note: I was wearing long, loose pants, and a t-shirt). By the end of the game (which I had slackardly arrived half-way through anyway -- but I had to work late that night!), I was...

    / out of breath
    / waterless (foresight, where were you yesterday??)
    / scratching at every place that could be scratched in the presence of toddlers

It's shaping up to be a good summer.

I booked myself a meeting with my manager for the first time ever yesterday morning. Up until now, I have had an enormous mental block when it comes to talking to any type of management/other authority figures (e.g. professors). It's ridiculous. I even get nervous asking my teamlead something non-social-related, and we sit right next to each other and chat all day. All in all, it's a little on the pathetic side.

Anyway, after reading the first chapter of Yet Another Self-Help Book, I was motivated to get off my ass and, you know, create something. Take Ownership, to use the Workplace terminology. I realize I've never thought much of my manager, but I have to admit that my mom was right (argh!) that a big part of it was also my attitude. So I decided to get over myself and talk to him because, frankly, where my career is concerned, I may be the one who's driving, but he definitely has some influence over how smooth the roads can be.

It was a fairly good experience; I was there to talk to him more about the possibility of trying to balance my desire for more volunteer time (for classroom experience) and also the Impending Move Up North. It wasn't all good -- but that's to be expected; what ever is? -- but he definitely calmed me down about the move (no problems), and even gave me some good ideas about how I can tackle my teaching experience thing without being ludicrously unfair to Workplace's dear corporate heart. So I'm feeling pretty good about that.

I'm also excited about these cats because, as any of you who have been paying attention will know, I am desperately enamored of the idea of being a cartoon voice. However, since I don't want to do it as a career, getting to read some of my favourite literature would definitely be a good second place, so I'm totally stoked that a site like this is alive and thriving.

I submitted my first thing today; it was a poem, and not even one I really like (look, I'm new to the whole "using your computer to record sound" thing, okay? I wanted something easy*) but hopefully they'll post it anyway, and I'll get better with some practise. I notice that the Anne of books are listed as collaborative projects; it would be pretty rockin' to get in on those. They've also got a lot of German projects on there, but not many French works. We'll have to see if I can sucker The Boy into helping me out with some of those.

* Yeah, okay, this is going to be totally old news for all you smartypants who take control of your mp3 collections and things, but I totally just downloaded Audacity, hit go, and started talking into my laptop for the poetry thing. It honestly took me longer to type out my little script of what to say than it did to record, tidy up, and format the final file. You folks responsible for Audacity? I totally send you giant hugs and cookies; you guys rock.

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