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April 19th, 12:03 | Addicted to crappy pop

Okay, before reading any further, you need to take off those Judgement Hats. Seriously. No judging. Okay?

Right. So I just, umm, acquired, Kelly Clarkson's Breakway and have been listening (I'd say "rocking out", but frankly she's got too many ballads on there for true rock-out-age) to the album all morning. (Note to the house-wifey: it makes fairly good laundry-folding music.)

Now before y'all ignore the disclaimer and start mocking me, let me point out that I'm not a big fan. Most of the tracks are going to be deleted within an hour because... well, injured, whinging ballad-rock isn't really my thing (no really!), but also because her songs make me really uncomfortable. I mean, I'm alright with the being angry, the being hurt, the constant flux between empowerment ("I don't need you!") and crawling back (I mean, Downward Spiral anyone?) but her songs are so... I don't know, accusing, or something. I have no issues listening to Trent, Linkin Park or even some Adema, so I'm pretty sure it's not just the angst that's irking me. Other than the title track, all her songs, whether peppy and empowered, or whiny and piano-based, seem to say something about her emotional state, followed by "...and it's your fault", in some way or another, and really, I just can't take it. It's draining.

Now, before we accuse me of not having removed my own Hat O' Judgement, let me say that that's fine. After all, I have no idea what inspired the songs, or maybe she just needed something that would rhyme, I mean who knows? But honestly, it just tires me out to be listening to the album, the whole time thinking "Jesus, girl, take some fucking responsibility," you know? I mean, she's on the right track in the songs where she pulls herself together (even if she is still blaming someone else for her issues). It just makes the songs about wallowing in self-pity that much harder to listen to. No? I'm the only one who feels that way? Alright, I can deal with that.

In other news, this recent brush with pop-rock has been a good transition to get me off my Nickel-ferchissakes-back obsession that was fueling me through last week.


Please save me. Send good music. Or muffins.

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