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April 28th, 18:01 | Scatterbrained Lone (sock) Ranger

Well, possibly inspired by Maven's recent urge to pwn things, I have to say I've been making some respectable progress in the Getting Ones Ducks In A Row department, particular with regards to my "career", if such a word may actually be applied to my life. Which is nice.

Somewhat-relatedly, I have the following goals for myself over the next week, or possibly two: do that online career assessment thing, write the huge-ass document that I've basically decided I'm going to create, and nag the Highers Up for stuff I might need, and meet with my manager again to finagle getting Workplace to fund my Learning Of Spanish. (Although, during some chattage this afternoon with my manager (see? I am getting better!) this didn't seem very likely. Still. We'll see.)

My book-reading craze has not seemed to slow down any over the past week (...! has it really only been a week?) and in fact, The Boy has expressed some concern that I might be, shall we say, biting off rather more than I can read? To which I say pish tosh. I am well able to handle the chunks of literature I've signed myself up for. (Thus far, I've now done 3 chapters of Pinocchio, have volunteered for one from The Count of Monte Cristo, 9 letters from Les liaisons dangereuses and a solo rendition of Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Cardboard Box. All in a day's work.)

Anyway, I am still totally giddy about this, and encourage all of y'all ("all of all y'all"?) to sign up and do something. It's so fun! None of my recordings are likely to be up yet, since they're all projects that are in progress, but most of them should be on the main catalogue by mid-summer if you want to hear any of those books.

I was feeling a little introspective and homebody-ish the other day, and had Landslide (well, alright, it was the Dixie Chicks' cover, since I've never heard the original Fleetwood Mac version, but whatever) in my head for something like 16 hours, until it was finally displaced by Part of Your World from Disney's Little Mermaid. I'd wonder what that says about me or my state of mind lately, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

On a last note, one of my socks is now One. This hasn't happened since university, when one of my socks disappeared behind my bed in a fit of "holy fuck, one of my frosh needs to sit in here and talk to me!" rush-cleaning, but that unhappy sock was paired up again a week later, in the next laundry cycle. I feel worried for the current Lone Sock, as I really can not imagine where its partner might have got to. It makes me sad.

And on that gripping and mightily tragic note, I'm done.

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