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March 7th, 07:40 | Mmm... cinnamon goodness...

Despite all the hippie literature out there about cinnamon being Enemy Number One for E. Coli, and it being used to control blood sugar, I seriously need to cut back on the cinnamon hearts. (As a side-note though, is that kind of a nullification there? Little sugary pellets of red dye #5 containing enough cinnamon to negate the blood-sugar-rush so that even when you eat like a pound of them (ahem, not that I'd ever do that), you still won't pass out in a diabetic coma? Because that? Would be genius.)

I suppose it's fairly clear at this point that I was gifted with like 8 pounds of cinnamon hearts (what can I say? small things make me happy) and this, in combination with the flossing (which I'm shocked to realize I've actually made a habit of) is kind of disconcerting. Anyone who consumes vast quantities of the little red hearts will tell you that your tongue will develop an unnatural red glow and that you'll be spitting pink for the next little while. That's fine. It's just that when you floss, then spit, you get this initial "What? But I've been flossing for two months straight -- why am I bleeding now??" thing... no? That's just me? Right.

So the moral of the story is that I need to cut back on the cinnamon hearts.

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