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March 3rd, 11:20 | Potter, potter, potter (putter?)

I did briefly consider listening to the West Side Story soundtrack in the background while I work today but thankfully I came to my senses are there was None Of That.

I'm not really sure what it means that the showtunes were really just a consolation attempt after I couldn't find the feel-good, Buddhist chant cd (kind of like the Gregorian monks, but less harmonic, not in Latin, much peppier, and with little ting! noises sporadically peppering the songs, which are each like 18 minutes long). (That was all one sentence, eh?)

So now I'm listening to vaguely accoustic-y, mildly mopey/wistful music (Maroon5 anyone?) while I'm putting off making my bed.

Also: it is once again freezing in my room. I don't want to think about what temperature it would be if the sun weren't shining violently into it. (Luckily I am parked in the kitchen where I am in extremely convenient reach of the last of my Soon-To-Be-World-Famous, Based On Nestle-Tollhouse's Recipe, But Like A Zillion Times Better chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. No, I'm not eating any at the moment, although I am giving Ovaltine some serious consideration.)

I'm sure there was more, but I've suddenly found the energy to go clean the joint, so I'll continue my ramblage later, I suppose.

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