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December 21st, 10:48 | Happy Solstice!

Alright, I'm sitting here at work mad-hungover, I dare any of the people who told me last month that I'd lost weight to try that now (four desserts a day, people; holy GOD the food on that cruise), I have no time to do my shopping because even though it's four days till Christmas I'm still tutoring The Daughter (this time for a science test though, which is funner than math) and it's getting ridiculous, and in between big swigs of water, and nibbling on rum fudge and cheerios, I am starving.

I think it's fairly safe to say that, baby, I'm back, folks. (So, Look Out World? Uhh, yeah.)

Alright, highlights from the cruise (in point form because I'm a lazy mofo):

    Eating more food than I fathomed possible
    Having a maitre d' bring me random chocolate mousse (that wasn't even on the menu!) because he saw that I hadn't ordered a chocolate dessert, and felt this was strange for me (how do they know??)
    Getting a mild tan (so mild no one else will notice? Possibly; but *I* know it's there!)
    Finally reading Thief of Time and another Atwood novel (The Blind Assassin, pretty good), and totally not finishing The Second Sex
    Playing ping-pong with my dad
    Getting to hang out with one of the jugglers from the Cirque du Soleil and the ship DJ (both of whom are from Montreal) and listen to their stories about the shows, etc.
    Not having the heart to tell half the crew that my name actually *isn't* "Gabrielle"
    The hot Argentinian jailbait. Seriously. I haven't been so up for a game of strip monopoly in many, many a moon; if it weren't for the fact that he was usually playing with his grandma and 6-year-old brother...
    Costa Rica!!! I totally want to go back for real, with actual time to do all the volcano-touring and tramping through forests -- I even saw a venomous snake!
    Getting to hang out with my grandma, and listen to her stories about my parents back in their wooing days
    The sunshine. It was everywhere.

None of this addresses why I'm so hyper though (sleep deprivation) or why I'm hungover (cs geek party last night), so I'll also give a quick summary of the days since I got back (because I know you care!):

    Got home 1am Sunday night/Monday morning, proceeded to run around watering all my plants and generally trying to make my personal sty livable again
    Started work at 8:30am after about 2 hours of sleep. Good times.
    Got roped into dinner with aunt, then tutoring; four hours of sleep
    Prior to a crazy-hectic day at work (fueled mostly by chocolate rum fudge) and prepping for the geekfest the same night.
    Another night with 4 hours of sleep. Showed up to work this morning tired, wired, and chugging powerade. Thankfully my teamlead and manager are nowhere to be found.

Geekfest was awesome -- hung out with cs kids I haven't seen in months or years, and Dan Of The Mountains was also back from BC. It was a lurrrvely evening. Very mellow. And the host didn't even get mad when I got all nazi-DJ on his iTunes. Things I learned/came to my attention last night:

    Being completely lucid but completely shot in the coordination department = lost mitten.
    It is possible to wash Coke out of a sweater, and folks who have in-house laundry and let you huck your shirt in the dryer for a couple minutes rock.
    They do the clock thing backwards for OHL hockey; it counts up instead of down for the time. It weirds me out.
    People who ask you to go with them to their office holiday party are probably Trying To Date You (possibly Against Your Will) and not, as I assumed, just asking you 'cause they figure you know some people there anyway.
    Yes, I am an idiot.

I think that about sums things up just for the moment. I'll no doubt get back to my usual year-end rambling as soon as I'm done running around the city like a crazed girl who hasn't done any of her shopping yet. *cough* What? I was snorkeling, alright?

So anyway, how have you all been? (Note: and that's aimed at YOU, Danny, because some of us do care.)

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