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December 31st, 09:32 | Semi-quick recap

So, we're on the threshold of the new year, and I wanted to sum up this past one. I've got to say that ever since the new year during my internship at Workplace, I've kind of felt like I've been in a slump. This year, though, for the first time in a couple (technically: three), I actually feel excited -- dare I say it? -- even aglow with hope for next year. It feels phenomenal.

So while this year hasn't been bad, per se, it had its not-so-swell moments. Were they reflected in my blog? Let's meme and find out! (Come on -- was that a smooth segue or what?)

    I need to preface this by saying that I never knew who Mandy Moore was until I watched this movie.

    On the way to work, on a clear day, it's super-easy to fall in love with my city.

    Alright, I know I've been ass about keeping this up (although I can think of some people who probably deserve a metaphorical kick in the pants more than I do -- if I were the type of person to nag about updating one's blog, that is) but I've been feeling super-introverted and be-shelled lately.

    Well, today's been a shite day, just shite.

    Well, it's happened at last: I've joined the ranks of Girls Who Have PMS.

    One broken nail.

    Well, I guess the upshot of your body waking you up every goddamned morning at 5:52am (it's true folks; my clock stares 6:01 at me every morning when I groggily turn over to check that I haven't slept through a power outage or something)is that you get to see the awesome sunrise (or a bleary, sleep-smeared version of the awesome sunrise anyway) as you lift your head off your pillow (mmm... east-facing windows) just long enough to shift the blankets properly so you can turn back over towards the wall and go back to sleep.
    (Editor's note: Holy run-on sentence much? Jesus.)

    So, having never in my life flown business class, and being unlikely ever to do so again (unless Air Canada bollockses up another flight by overselling it, and needs to coax me onto a later flight by bumping me up a class again), I feel the need to share my experience.

    I want to be one of the cool kids too, damnit.

    About a week ago, I visited a university campus as part of Workplace's drive to recruit graduating students.

    So it's November 1st, and I'm scared.

    Alright, so the iPod (now that I finally found it) is all loaded up with some shiny new Go Betty Go (among other things), I have approximately 97% of my Non-Clothing Gear packed up, I have approximately 25% of the addresses of the people I'd intended to write to (the other 75% of you -- stop moving, goddamnit!), and I think I may have stowed all the American money in my "in Canada" purse somewhere in the bowels of my closet.

Insightful? Yeah, maybe not so much. It has been a good year though. Things I've learned? (Note: what's the moral of this entry? That I'm completely reliant upon lists? Maybe just a little? Hm.)

    -> I have a terrible propensity to fuck up, in my long-distance friendships; this isn't out of malign intent, or anything. I just suck at it.
    -> Despite that, I have the best of intentions. I'm a good person, goddamnit. Just... I screw up a lot.
    -> Having absolutely no control over a situation can make me bitterly unhappy without me really realizing the cause.
    -> I should probably apply this thought to my situation at work.
    -> I find shallow relationships/acquaintanceships to be not worth my time at all. If I'm not worth the effort of really talking to, you're not worth the effort of worrying about. (Ozy: I'm looking at you.)
    -> I really do care about everyone. (And, no, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm interested.)
    -> I need to increase my cartoon intake.
    -> Nothing is as scary as I make it in my head.

I'm sure there's more. I might add more later. In the meantime, however, I'm late for dim sum at the cousin's. So, shiny new year wishes for everyone -- remember: hold your breath!

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