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March 29th, 23:24 | Now I just need to start flossing again...

My mom watches tv at me out of spite. It's cool, it's not, like, the vicious type of spite that maims and aims for the squishy bits or anything. No, no, hers is a fun spite that points and laughs when you trip over your own badly-hemmed pants and end up sprawled on your ass, ten feet from where you landed, because you slid over the deathly slippy tile floor.

And what, you might ask, does she watch to vex me so? The Food Network. Not just any program on the Food Network though, because the chance of my loving the show is actually quite high. No, no, she'll watch this miserable cretin whose instructions for "delicious (and healthy!) homemade pizza" start with "so just grab a bag of pre-made dough from your grocery store...". GAH.

Things on the family front are good. My mom and I both had the Monday off, so we went on a Shopping Bonding expedition which was nice. She taught me to crochet over the weekend, I assured myself that I hadn't forgotten yet again how to knit, and there was lots of general hang-out-age. It's a nice feeling. As of Monday morning, a whole mess of sticky situations in my life have been resolved (and all by yours truly -- can it be that I'm finally learning to clean up my own messes?) and there are still tonnes that I want to mend/patch/get started on/whatever, but that's okay. Because I don't feel as daunted now. And that's all I really need, because once I feel overwhelmed, the whole "deer in headlights" thing kicks in and I'm just useless. As of right now, however, I'm feeling pretty good.

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