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April 1st, 15:38 | And those damned TH cups? Still hate me

Well, today's been a shite day, just shite. That's not to say there hasn't been good, 'cause there has, but I'm drained, I feel like just sleeping, I feel like crap, my machine has been hooptified (even more so), and I'm just sick to withers of dealing with every fucking thing going wrong. I've been working on one email for a week, and this morning I woke up muzzy and quiet, and figured that today was a good day to finally finish it. Now my nerves are all shot to hell, I'm nervous about tomorrow (first dragonboat practice) and I'm tired-tired-tired and mad at myself for not running enough/doing enough weight-training because I'm a big sissy.

Just how big a sissy am I, you ask? Well, since you asked, when I sought to sooth my woes with an XL hot chocolate, the nice lady double-cupped it for me (only at Tim Hortons, eh? in these days of those frou-frou cardboard cup-hugger thingies) and yet, not ten seconds later, as I'm trying to carry it back upstairs, I'm reduced to my usual hand-straining-pinky-at-bottom-to-thumb-on-lid mode of carrying the cup because it's too damned hot for me. Who has the girliest hands? That's right folks, right here.

I'm about done for the day. My head feels like there's leadened water sloshing around and I just want my whole team to just go home early so there'll finally be some quiet around here. Gah.

Late entry: Oh my God. Today's featured Wikipedia article? The coolest thing ever. I just felt the need to share that. I'm done now.

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