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November 7th, 17:49 | I'm only pretending to do nothing...

So the novelling has temporarily ground to halt. Ahem. But I'll start it up again! No really! I totally plan to write a whole whack today and tomorrow. To be fair, I was working today (when I wasn't watching Signs, which I found disappointing and devoid of the red-obsession I'd been tracking in M. Night Shyamalan films (which I normally love)) and catching up on my bio. You'll all be happy to know that I kicked my midterm squarely in the ass (my adjusted score? 90; class adjusted average? 58; that's what a related degree will do for you, kids). To be honest I'm a little pissed off at myself for not getting perfect, but hey, this means I got 6/50 questions wrong. I think I'm alright with that. (Although I totally want a perfect score on my December exam. Call me full of myself but I think I should be able to do that. Besides, this course is supposed to raise my marks. If I'm going to aim for "higher", I might as well aim for "perfect" neh?)

So, yeah, spent the day doing not-much, eating my dad's fresh-baked bread (mmm... challah...), watching a shitty Mel Gibson movie, and reading up on cell division (mehn) and Mendelian genetics (yummy). It's been a good day.

Tonight's agenda includes vague plans to go see Garden State (finally!) and hangoutage with FilmGuru, which'll be cool because I haven't seen him in awhile. On that note, I've been getting some email from dons I haven't seen/heard from in awhile. It's kind of making me swing through one of those phases where I want to write a zillion heartfelt emails (yes, those exist) to them individually asking what's up, reminding them that I exist and think about them, and play semi-catch-up and such. In reality, though, I know I'm too lazy for that right now. More importantly, my words must be reserved to pour into my novel -- wordcount uppage is of paramount importance at this juncture. If you've got spare words, for the love of jell-o, throw 'em my way. I love the characters I've got (unruly and emo though they may be) but I'm feeling some serious lack of inspiration. Thusly inspired by that, I shall send a note to the gods. Voici:

To Whichever Mused Is Assigned To lilephyte,

Alright, punk. I don't know where you've been, or what you're up to, but you've had quite enough fun. You get your metaphysical ass back from Ibiza or wherever the fuck you've been hanging out the past week and inspire me, damnit. I have three weeks to produce a 50-thousand word work, and, believe it or not, this IS your problem. I'm not asking for genius here; no one said it had to be 50-thousand words of anything worthwhile. I do, however, need to get it written though. So get your idea-spawning mojo into gear, or I'll have some serious Words for you when next we meet, and trust me, those "words" won't require your input to find an outlet.

Sincerely, lilephyte

Totally unrelatedly, I met my Leading to Reading tutorling (henceforth known as "tutorling"; I know I said I wouldn't name people based on their relationship to me, but you know what? this time it works) and she's totally adorable. She even gave me a cupcake! I'm vaguely pissed off at the library, because they'd said they were going to sign me up to the "homework help" program, rather than the "improving reading skills" one, but after meeting my tutorling, I'm much placated. She's such a sweetheart. I can't wait till next week.

Also very cool? Her mom, who seems to be an enthusiastic supporter of the program -- nice to see parents who care about their children's learning, was asking me about my degree, and asked if I'd consider tutoring her highschool-aged daughter in chem and bio (said daughter hates science apparently). I'm totally stoked by this -- what an awesome chance to see if I like/am good at trying to explain highschool bio! And to someone who thinks they hate it! My only concern is for time. I'm pretty booked these days, and the daughter sounds pretty overloaded as well. I'm thinking that maybe just giving her my number/email or something might work better. I'd love to help her out, but from what the mom told me, I'm pretty sure more schooling isn't what this girl needs. Maybe over the summer or something. We'll see.

For right now, things are super-sweet, and I'm totally stoked. There's a picture on my friend's website of me in all my whorish fake-eyelashed Hallowe'en glory (only one, thankfully) and I'm shocked my sister let me out of the house in that get-up.

It's okay, though. I figure I can't get away with that kind of thing for much longer. So I might as well be irresponsible at Hallowe'en while I can, right? Heh.

For no particularly good reason, and in no notable order, movies I've watched this week which can probably be classified as "horror" (or at least "scary") that I hadn't seen before:

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 remake)
    Cabin Fever
    ...thought there was another one, but I can't think of it. Movies I totally want to see now? The original TCM, and I want to re-watch The Village (which is totally cutey and lovely).

Right, that's it for me. Be good, kids. (MAN does that make me feel old. And I totally am older than the majority of the blogging community too. Bah.)

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