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November 5th, 22:51 | Featuring neither catnip nor heists...

Alright so, as I'd predicted, I'm totally blogging about not being able to write anything passable for my chef d'oeuvre. Bah, I say, bah. So far, picking up from my experience with the last try, I've not planned anything, I've not started with an idea for a plot, or even just a main Event to get everything started. Oh no. I've ported the one character I really loved from my Socks! project (read: disastrous previous literary dabblage) and the others I've invented totally on the fly, tooled around with in warm-up writing bouts, then just allowed to run amok. And run amok they did. One of them was wanted by the police a mere three minutes after his inception. I ask of you, what the hell kind of gratitude is that? I sit my ass down for hours in front of my ferchrissakes ThinkPad, the heat from which, by the way, is frightening, create his sorry ass out of absolutely nothing and then what does this character do to repay me?? He becomes a wanted man and not just wanted at that : he's a man wanted by some obscure US government agency à la NSA or somesuch.

Men. Seriously.

(Actually, his name's Troy, and I totally dig him. Him and my slightly autistic nerdette Trina are the only hope I have for the moment that my novel might have a plot/story that'll actually drive it somewhere. Abby, my imported character is really just a big mass of college-level emo crap at the moment. Bah to that too.)

So enough of that. How are all y'all? Other than that, I've really not been up to much. I've slowly started the renaming of people on this rag so that their names will actually make sense. i.e. names based on the person rather than on how I know them. At some point I'll get around to writing another one of those whois pages that are so helpful but so underused. No really. I will. *cough* I'll also post book reviews for all the books I've read lately (the most notable being The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time) and movies I've seen. *shifty eyes*

Right. Back to my novel for me! (Ahh, excuses. How sweet life is.)

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