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November 10th, 09:37 | 12-month to-do list

I'm feeling oddly inspired and fired-up despite my sleep-deprivation-based headache (it's like being an intern again!) and general blah-ness/lack of motivation/energy when at work these days. What am I thinking about, you ask? Scarily enough, the Future. A couple months ago my dad was saying that I should formulate 5- and 10-year plans, no matter how rough, because if I didn't, I'd just never end up moving. At the time I was so overwhelmed I couldn't handle the thought. Since then, though, I've realized that, in a way, I've already formed one (a 5-year one, anyway). Much like the "jerk" narrator of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (in a discussion with the Boy -- me: he's not a jerk, he's autistic!; Boy: no, he's a jerk, who happens to be autistic!), I find that it's super-easy to get lost in time without schedules. This sounds stupid if you know me and my abhorence of All Things Pre-planned, but only if you get down to detail. I like having general plans for things. And apparently that extends to my life. Which is comforting. I feel far less lost now. Not there (wherever "there" is) yet, but I'm feelin good.

So, what is it I want to document before I go crazy and forget it all? I shall proceed to write the rest of this entry in point-form because I can! (Also it's clearer. ...yeah, that's it. Clarity.) So, I want to...

  • finish this goddamn novel; I haven't written a thing in something like a week, and that's just not cool
  • get involved with Debian's docs project (or possibly with supplying missing man pages) -- it's an intro to documentation/tech writing, I'd finally feel like I was actually contributing to the community that I really do love (hey look! maybe I won't be all talk then!) by doing something that, really, I don't think anyone else wants to do, and hey, maybe I might get worked up enough to do more than document for them. I might go crazy and adopt an orphaned project!
  • ...but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. But it would be a good intro to see if that kind of thing is something I'm interested in/good at... right?
  • before rushing out and emailing all and sundry at the Docs hq at Debian, however, I should probably re-install it on a machine that, you know, I actually use more than twice a year. Probably a good start. *cough* It's really just sad how lazy I am, sometimes.
  • start researching ed schools -- I might not apply right away next year, but the more I know, the more I can make sure that I look fucking stellar on paper when I apply
  • make the most of my library volunteering (with tutorling -- you remember?), and possibly do a summer hook-up with the highschool-aged daughter
  • also, as soon as this bio course is done, get hooked up in the library's adult literacy course -- if I can get a feel for working with different age groups, that definitely can't hurt
  • hunt down my old yoga teacher, and sign up for her course this summer
  • I always say this, but I totally need to start making time for me to -- yes, I mean what I'm going to say -- chillax. I think it would make living with my parents easier. I suspect this means a reduction in my use of IM. Boy, what a shame that'll be.

Of course, this makes me question (...again) why I'm still taking the bio course. Of course, I think it's a little late to drop it now, but still. Clearly my pharmacy-related pseudo-dreams are not ones I want to pursue. I appear to have chosen teaching. So... why the bio? Some strange part of me harbours weird dreams of someday getting another degree in pure biology (possibly a masters; I'm not big on the idea of doing another undergrad degree in a subject so close to my original one) but... why the bio101?

On the other hand, I figure by keeping myself overworked, I'm training myself better for future stresses. Time management. I have to learn sometime.

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