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May 2nd, 18:51 | Like a 14-year-old pop-punk fangirl

So having finally hauled ass to a mall that actually sells cds, I bought Eve6's Horrorscope and am now happily bopping about, joining the legions of 14-year-old "punk" fangirls out there. *hangs head in shame* Look, I know it started with Jimmy Eat World, but you know what? They're a really good fucking band. Just listen to Clarity. I'm serious. Skip Bleed American and go with the one with emotional depth. They're so good! I can't help it if their new stuff is catchy! And I love Eve6! Max wends lyrics so gracefully! I love his rhythm! And their drummer is just so damn hot! And, and, and...

Ahem. So we spent a lot of today rescuing my mom's car from its dead battery. I'm not going to complain; I mean, I've got memories of her driving me home in that thing when I was in highschool (read: at least seven years ago). That car has earned the right to be scrapped. More excitingly, my parents are thinking of buying a car-car (like, as opposed to a 4x4-car) next. Apart from the fact that it'll be standard (my mom only drives standard) it'd be awesome -- I've completely forgotten what it's like to drive something that'll actually corner (shut up -- you try driving an explorer packed to the gills gracefully around offramp 270s, alright?) so I suppose this would be a good time to take advantage of my mom's soon-to-not-be-there car and brush up on my non-automatic driving skills. Hmm. ("Wait... what do I do with my left foot again?" "argh!")

Yeah. It was a good day in terms of being a good society-advancing consumer. I hit the mall with my mom wanting to buy three things: cleanser (read: soap in a tube; I swear, as soon as I get off my ass and make and cure my own soap I'll stop buying all this facial cleansing shit), the eve6 cd, and a hockey stick. I got everything but the stick (which subsequent visits to other sports stores convinced me Fate is against me owning) and my mom got the stuff she wanted. It was all fine, until we decided to visit The Other Mall. That's where my mom's dreams of aquiring a Paderno frying pan were crushed, her car's battery died, and I broke another nail. (Fuck!!) Then my dad came, we bought new jumper cables, got my mom's car home, bought a new battery, etc. My first sewing project for the summer might be done tonight; it's been a pretty good day.

I started writing up movie reviews the other day, but lost interest half-way through (hell-ooo ADD of the console generation...) but I shall try to take that up again. And it's not just because I want to pad this thing with more entries out of guilt (*cough*) it's because I've seen a bunch that I have thoughts on. In the meantime, get your ass out to go see Eternal Sunshine because it's freaking amazing. Go. Now.

I'm ending this entry due to lack of coherency, and other such reasons. A brief glance says that I'm sounding more like me in my writing though; that's a good thing. It's good to be back. (Hi.)

    You turn and run -- you call me up

    You're the one steppin' on the back of my shoes
    You're the one using me as a muse
    You're the one with the jetpack strapped to your back
    Ready to go, ready to go

    Hey it's just me, set yourself free, why don't you let me know what's going on inside your cluttered head?

Jetpack, Eve6
(totally my favourite song on the album)

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