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May 5th, 09:53 | why do we share our dreams anyway?

Just before I woke up, I was dreaming, but the kind of dream where you know you're awake, you know? The dream was a little like home, with more sand, and space. And a little girl (maybe four years old) was collecting pennies as a toll, after you crossed the street from the mall, to walk up the street I live on. At the end of her day, she took all the pennies she'd collected, and threw them into a fountain somewhere in the mall parking lot (note: there's no fountain in the mall parking lot) and as she threw them, made up wishes for each person who gave her pennies. Probably not all of them, she probably forgot a couple people. But some of her wishes were like "I hope that guy is happier -- maybe he needs a dog. Okay I hope he gets a dog" or "I hope that lady finds money in her hat so she won't be so worried."

I wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

Hung with a couple dons (FilmGuru and ComicGuru) yesterday, which was awesome. It kind of hammers home the point that in order to do all the comic- and dvd-consuming I would like, however, I really must get myself installed as a barrista, and do it pronto. Later, ComicGuru had to take off, so FilmGuru and I watched Eternal Sunshine again. I cried. I then nearly got lynched for celebrating that the Leafs lost their series. (lilephyte in downtown Toronto, asking guys coming out of a bar what the score was, cheering that Philly won; lilephyte, in her hometown? not such a smart cookie.) That about sums that up. It was a pleasant evening.

Feeling a little restless and girly, I died my hair red this afternoon. Or at least, I would have if my hair didn't have this insane resistance to Clairol. Seriously. If we imagined the discussion, it'd look something like this:

    lile-hair: yeah, Clairol? you think you got it? bring it.
    clairol: *pathetic poke* uhn.
    lile-hair: ...? hello? I'm waiting?
    clairol: *runs away*

Uhr, yeah. So I have darker (seriously, it's actually black-black now) hair that kinda looks red, a little, in strong lighting. Hmmm...

Yeah, okay. I started writing this this morning. It's now tomorrow. Bedtime.

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