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April 30th, 18:20 | *clearly* missing some vital "How To Be A Girl" gene

So how am I doing for making up for the total lack of updatage in the previous four months this year? Still pretty abysmal? Hmm. I'm working on it. Today's quite the day for it too. Wanna hear? (Ha. Audience? What audience.) From the top...

8h51. The alarm goes off (don't ask). My room is full of sunshine, and I've been asleep for approximately 5.5 hours. I silence the squawking and sleep.

9h23. I eventually crawl out of bed to the sound of my mom yelling at me that we need to leave at 9h30. Brush teeth, etc.

9h31. We leave. Due to traffic, we arrive at the dentist's at 9h58 (appointment is at 10). Life is beautiful.

11h37. I finally leave after arguing with the dentist about what I need and don't need ("...more x-rays?? you just took some!!") and only cleaning half of my teeth, and argh. Can't wait for it to be over, so I can switch dentists.

12h06. Arrive at restaurant. Order food. (Note: am dizzy from hunger/dehydration and lack of sleep. Definite parallels to being hungover here.)

12h42. Food arrives. *rolls eyes*

13h10. We stand in line at Proctor & Gamble's warehouse sale, and talk to the really friendly guy in line ahead of us. I ponder the hot dog vendor and wonder why there isn't an ice cream vendor.

14h36. Two broken nails, lots of cursing, some cheap-make-up-buying, and many declarations of "I'm not girly enough to be in here!!", we emerge, carrying four bags of stuff, including dishwasher detergent, shampoo, Cover Girl products (shut up -- their lipstick may be like crayon, but I love the colour, and it's got sunscreen in it) and Swiffer thingies.

15h11. Get home, unpack, pass out on couch.

17h46. Awake to mom horrified that I was actually sleeping in the middle of the day (apparently it'll upset my sleep pattern; ha). Watered plants, unpackage, etc.

present. Blogging, still tired, talking to The Boy, feeling pretty ass. I want to curl up and wake up tomorrow (forgot to throw my resume at the flower store in the mall across the street; I hit up 11 other places though, 5 of them coffee shops -- hopefully this summer will see me as Lilephyte: World's Most Chipper Barrista!) in a tidy home. bleh.

I think that pretty much brings us up to date. I've got my head full of ideas for things I want to do, for the first time really feeling like I'm stretching, reaching with the internal wing thing, not having to worry about allotting time to anyone else, so I can be selfish and just do all the things I want to do.

This still feels like pretending though. I don't like it.

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