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April 17th, 02:10 | cold like self-doubt

I suspect that today is the birthday of a girl who used to live in the house right behind my old one. I can't remember though. We would have sleepovers during which I got no sleep because she stole the covers. She doesn't live there anymore; we're probably not what you'd call "friends" these days. Just acquaintances.

How do you tell someone who was ready to marry you that you don't feel the same way? That you're scared you don't know who you are, and of the way you can seem to talk to everyone except them, and that everything feels wrong and restless and Wrong? How do you know you're not making the biggest, stupidest, wrongest decision of your life?

I have no words. I'm sorry. If I could take all the pain and feel it for you, please believe me, I would.

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