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March 28th, 02:22 | Look, look! I'm not dead!

*Insert standard squeak of frustration at vanished entry here.*

Feeling way more sane today. I credity having been both more and less productive than I've been lately. More in the sense that I packed a lot into today (I'm still having problems believing it's only Saturday night -- totally feels like it should be Sunday), but the evening was essentially fruitless, because although I tried to get stuff done, I mostly met with frustration and problems. Still though, it's a good feeling. If I could get the "compressed-productivity" feel for the next week, that would be super-awesome.

Why, you might ask? What does the lilephyte need to get done this next week that's so important? Well. I shall summarize for you, shall I?

    Today: I wrote the pharmacy admission profile test. Like a personal statement, but in four-hour test form. More self-touting prose! Yay! Ugh.
    Due next Thursday: natural languages/grammars presentation (estimate of required reading done: 40%), final phase of compilers project (done: 0%; team: all busy; previous phase: unreturned/unmarked), digital systems assignment (understood: 0%).
    Due next Wednesday: biochem presentation (estimate of req. reading done: 5%) but I'm meeting the group tomorrow night which is nice.
    Saturday: ArtSci formal (side-note: the Boy is coming down for the weekend!) for which I have booked an appointment to get my hair done and I'm terrified the hairdresser will expect me to know what I want.
    Due Monday: essay for biochem. Inference: I will have no time to do anything fun with the Boy over the weekend. Grrr.
    Due Thursday: essay for natural languages/syntax systems, but that's a very luxurious timeframe and thusly not a concern.
    General: I feel I should so something with my froshlings. No one on the floor, of course, has time. Boo.

There is, of course, a sub-text underlying all of this. (In case you hadn't guessed, it's "lilephyte shouldn't have slacked off the first three months of term". But, mehn. I can handle it. *small victory dance* I can't really express how happy it makes me to hear myself saying (in my head, anyway) that. I used to all the time, then... stopped. It makes me feel empowered or something. Better. It makes me feel better. Better is good.)

Totally unrelatedly, it's weird to think how some people intrude on the night (or early morning, as may be the case) while other people, you're happy to share it with. Or at least, I am. Like, on icq, some people, I'm very happy to talk to at 2am. Others though, I really just want them to go to bed so they'll shut up and let me enjoy the morning. Does anyone else get that? Probably not.

Okay, I know this is the dorkiest thing ever, but I totally have to share my Song That I Fell In Love With Tonight. It's "Bartender" by hed p.e. So much yumminess. (Another reason I feel productive tonight? It was a good night music-wise. I am so going to miss not being on the (deliciously fast) residence network come May. Also cool? "Army of Robots" is a band. That doesn't suck. That's cutey nerdiness and emo as all get out. *insert ridiculous fangirl squealing here*

Yeah, I think it's time for me to go to bed too.

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