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January 14th, 19:07 | update and *lots* of new music

Well I hope the RIAA's been paying attention, because over the past day (over the course of two one-hour sessions or so) I've acquired about a gig of new music, and I'm so glad. Seriously. I was going into withdrawal without it.

Cheap excuses: You know what? I'm not freaking going to buy the 80 or whatever albums because most of this stuff is just a track here and there (although I will admit that I downloaded a big chunk of the Dandy Warhols (on the recommendation of my frosh) and Radiohead's Hail To The Thief). If I could order tracks off iTunes, I would do it. Or at least I would for the songs I knew I wanted (which was about half of them). I'd still do the experimental ones through res. And since there's a whole bunch I'd like, I'd buy those (or the cds; whatever). I've done with this. It bothers me that no matter how I do it, I'm not paying the artist anyway, but rather, some manager who's in charge of distribution.

Damnit, that just put me in a bad mood. But I just wanted to write about how elated I was at having new music again. Seriously. I stopped using file-sharing programs sometime mid-October for work/productivity reasons, and it was killing me. I totally rely on new music to keep me going. It owns my soul. And I had no idea how much so -- I figured I had maybe 1GB worth of tracks on my machine. My filesharing program informs me that, no, no, I've got about 7.6GB. Apparently I'm obsessed. And in need of another hard drive. *sigh* I love music.

Apart from that, things have been good. I'm liking my life, but am very worried by my absolute inability to work or focus. I know, I know, it's only the second week, but I haven't done anything. And now, with connectivity, things are not likely to improve. ACK. I must learn to bully myself into studying. Even my to-do lists aren't helping.

Bah. More after the game maybe. It's really been a night of no-work-done-getting.

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