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February 10th, 15:11 | I am now officially part of a Pathetically Sappy Couple

Feeling that uncomfortable closeness of friends with online presences. I mean, despite previous vow not to worry about anyone who finds this (because, after all, if it were really that important that it be private, I shouldn't have plastered it on here) I am. The board/news site Roo runs has a journal-ing feature, and I'm sorely tempted to use it. However, I realize that the last thing I need is yet another journal.

I'm suprised by how many of the guys do keep them though. I mean, not all of them. Yuu's journal came as no surprise; he's got a couple on other sites, and was one of my Wakka! novel-writing colleagues. Roo, not so surprising either. He's big in the story-telling, so journalling isn't so hard to imagine. The other guys though (including Boy), kinda surprise me. To be fair, some of them I don't know that well, but it's kinda cool watching these guys dish on their personal lives so readily (admittedly for a very small and select audience) on a comment-board.

And they're so nice. I mean, there's the usual teasing and commentry, but they're also really supportive of each other, and try to share advice and stuff; it's so cute!!!

Apart from my somewhat pathetic desire to be a bigger part of that community than someone who posts comments, honestly, I'd feel out of place if I started chronicling.

For one thing, they're friends. They've met me, they know me. My style of writing as a whole would have to change, along with vast amounts of what I write about. Currently, my audience is The World At Large + BestFriend. So I'm not particularly hampered in what I write. For those guys, completely different story.

The second thing is just style. They write short-ish blogs; stories that just encapsulate what they're thinking about at the time. I, as we know, am not familiar with the meaning of "concise" and ramble on about freaking everything. I also am not on their campus/in their town/taking their courses/etc. Were I to ramble on like I normally do, I doubt any of them would read it (due to not finding it interesting) and therefore not comment (which, as established, was kind of the whole point, neh?).

Another part of me thinks that they would read it, out of curiosity (since most of them don't know me that well), or just because it's there. A bigger part is too scared of the need for validation ("COMMENT, DAMN YOU!") to try though. I suppose we'll see. For now I'm happy hiding here.

In other news, Boy will be here within six days and I can't wait. I'm asking about hockey (about which I know approximately nothing), because his team's playing Toronto on Saturday. I suspect I will be unable to get tickets, which is fine, since I think I'm booked to do the for-fun curling thing my mom's hospital is throwing. So that's good.

Sunday is his birthday, and plans so far have included... curling up in a coffee shop and reading/eavesdropping. That's it. We are so sappy and so whipped that we don't care what we do so long as we can be together. I am now officially part of a Pathetically Sappy Couple (PSC). And I'm so happy about it!!!

It's flatly ridiculous, the amount of giddiness this has put me through. I mean, I'm missing out on the best part of the relationship: the part when everything's new and shiny, and no one's bored because you haven't been together long enough, and you still find every single detail fascinating. I missing out on all this because we're not even in the same freaking city. But I'm still happy. This is crazy.

After the don interview on Saturday, which was a good reminder for how much work being a don is, I'm kinda worried for the school year. My last year is going to be busy with standard Applying To Grad Schools kinda stuff, and being a don on top of that, and just general schoolwork (only four courses, thank God) and that. I'm worried I won't have time at all for Boy. But. After my scary Hyper-Hermione skills explosion that manifested itself when I started taking this prep course, I'm more inclined to believe I can handle it. I'm actually really glad I took the course even though it's too much, just because it forced me to Get My Shit Together.

Of course, it would help if I stuck to my beautifully prepared schedules. But then, the deviance only started this Saturday, and I totally blame ResLife for that. Starting tonight (couldn't drag my ass out of bed this morning for yoga) I'm back on track! No, stop laughing, really, I am!

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