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February 8th, 22:18 | 6 hours driving, 4 hours in interview -> recipe for tired

Tired. In a good way. Or, well, it would be good, if I were curled up with a movie (or with Boy, with or without movie). Feeling warm, and comfortable and happy, wrapped in our Diesel Boy sweatshirt (he's informed me that it's "ours") and thinking about sleep.

Yesterday, which started out so well, and then turned out crappy, despite nominally good occurances has to be a polar opposite from today. I mean, compared to the rest of the week, yesterday was great, but today was fabulous. Highly non-promising beginnings: half-asleep driving to Kingston for don interview (perhaps you guys call them RAs?), halfway there, my dad wants to stop 'cause he's not feeling well; something from banquet last night. So we do. I'm worried for the rest of the trip and plough to Kingston in record timing to get in front of Housemate's house to see that the driveway is completely inaccessible. Quick call reveals that she's also not home. So the plan of having my dad nap for the fours hours I'll be in interview is out. Run around trying to figure out vague solution. Eventually leave him flopped on the backseat as I grab a bagel from the coffee shop, and run for the interview. Which went... okay. I don't think I was particularly impressive. (This part makes more sense if we keep in mind that It's That Time Of The Month and I had killer cramps all day. But still managed to hold my own in the interview. I think. Kind of.) Anyway, finish up, have a ten minute chat with RecentEx, which was nice, and then start back. Dad still not feeling great, although much better, but I drove. Again. Fucking windy, and I drive an suv. A harrowing experience. Think my hands are still sore from gripping the wheel too hard for three hours.

Home at last. Feel like I should be doing work or baking those thank-you cookies for Boy's housemates (yes, a month late, I know) or something. But I'm too tired. Passed out doing yoga a little while ago. I know I should go to bed, but I'm half-staying up hoping to talk to Boy.

God I'm sappy. :) I so don't regret it.

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