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February 6th, 10:01 | Angry-gashed morning-blah

I'm fucking angry because I yelled at someone. Very Bad Start To The Morning. Which makes me even angrier since, on the whole, today's been pretty good and mild.

I slept well. This is a change from the past two nights where I had extremely broken sleep and difficulty reaching this whole "blissfully unconscious" phase. This would worry me less if it weren't for the fact that it almost never happens with me. So yes, I slept really well. (I credit the presence of my giant plush duck (Inigo) for that.) I was up early, I felt good, I had breakfast. I was ensconced at the office drinking my chocolate steamer and snacking on yoghourt when someone came by selling Clodhoppers (a type of candy I had hitherto been unfamiliar with) so, yup, I've been eating candy for breakfast. People are happy (probably because it's Thursday), and generally it's been quiet and nice.

Then I get the caller from Hell. I'm not going to go over why she was a bitch, because I'll get angrier. No matter how much she deserved it, I shouldn't have snapped at her. Patience, however, isn't one of my virtues. So I did. Which all works out since she got my name and will no doubt report me to my manager (which amuses me as she's new and didn't even know what our department did) but that's fine. It's the price for not counting to nine. Nonetheless she's put this big, angry, red gash across my previously sunny morning.

I'm pissed off that...
* despite spending all day on the phone and talking to an average of 113 people, one person can colour my entire morning.
* despite having worked here for seven months I still haven't the self-control to just let her talk till she's done ranting every time she talks over my sentences.
* I've probably given this woman a really negative impression of our team. This was probably the first time she'd called in, and first impressions are hard to break.

I'm pretty disappointed in myself. To my credit, I haven't taken this out on the subsequent callers at all. If anything, I've been nicer to them.

Nonetheless, it's a shitty middle to the morning. Kinda wish she'd call back. Not just so I can walk the moral highground plank, but also so she'd get a feel for what our team's really like.

Going to go distract myself with more work. Blah.

Feeling better. In an ironic twist of fate, however, I have become what I hate:

The What Soda Are You Quiz By Vishal

Heh. I'll likely be content-ful later. Still chomping on the Clodhoppers which, after much consideration (and about two thirds the packet) I've decided I kind of like, but they do have a weird quality about them which would stop me from eating them very often.

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