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February 13th, 10:25 | Ideal morning shower music includes...

I really don't like showering in the morning. I'm a morning person. Well, actually, no. I'm an all-day person. I'm one of the few people on my team at work who doesn't drink coffee and manages to be peppy all day. I worry sometimes about what would happen to people if caffeine mysteriously vanished from the earth. I mean, eventually they'd even out and start using their own energy again, but until then? Would they be bitchy and snap at each other until 3pm, for a brief window of two hours before they needed sleep? Would things collapse because people just miss all the little details due to being out of it? Would there be way more people taking public transit because they just couldn't handle the driving without their coffees? Maybe the world would be on hold for a month while people caught up on some sleep, and then would continue as before?

Right, anyway. My point is that I'm not one of these people who can't wake up without a shower. Ideally I shower at night. It's relaxing. I get to wash away all the stress, and salt, and dirt and sweat from my day; it makes hygienic sense from the point of view that while I change my clothes after one wear, I change my jammies and sheets less often. Also, it means that I'm all toasty when I go to bed, which is nice. Or it would be if I actually went to bed then. Since I usually spend ~30 hour noodling about online after that, I'm icy by the time I *actually* go to sleep. But. None of that really sticks, when I actually do have to shower in the morning. My main thoughts on those days are...

1 - Damnit; why didn't I remember to play my "peppy" playlist? (Yes, I listen to music in the shower; bite me, I only do it in the morning, and it's easier to sing along with. Ideal morning shower music includes lots of Diesel Boy, some Save Ferris, Jets To Brazil if I'm feeling pensive, Bif and just anything fast and happy.)
2 - It. Is. So. Frickin'. Cold.
3 - Oh good. My conditioner's got little frozen chunks in.
4 - OH GOD! My shower gel is coooooold.
5 - Etc.

So yes. Night showers are where it's at. It amuses me that even though I know I've got brassy highlights in, and have had them for over a month now, I'm still surprised when I find strands of hair on my pillowcase, or my clothes, or in the shower, that are that kind of bronzey-blonde colour. The time for reality to kick in and for me to remember that it's mine is down to about two seconds now. Still kinda pathetic though.

Feeling kinda quiet and sunshiney. If I were at home, I'd be wrapped up in baggy clothes and a blanket sitting in a chair with a mug of something warm and probably reading Anna Karenina or something in the sun. Since I'm at work, though, my feet are freezing. Seriously need to go buy some work-appropriate clothes. It's getting pathetic.

Quiet, happy. More in a kind of "go over small anal-retentive details and tweak and fix" than "create something new" mood. If I had to pick a word for today, it would be "restorative".

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