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March 29th, 16:02 | In-shower rockstar evolution, muffin supremacy

It seems that the battle rages on (more battle here, of a slightly more scientific bent); I, for one, am standing by my previous statement that cupcakes, those oft-frosted cakelets of the 9-year-old-girl, are just an oversweetened, frou-frou-fied subset of the Greater Muffin Class. After all, the word "muffin" really just meant any kind of small cake or quickbread in its original form. I don't think it's meant to be a specific category in the first place. It's a genre, like the word "cake". So this whole "muffin vs cupcake" thing is pointless. It'd be like arguing "mammal vs dog".

Right, that's enough of that. To continue my theory about my mom's Mad Contest-Winning Mojo, however, she came home last night having won an autographed (personalized) copy of the book she'd been on the waiting list for at the library. Go ahead and tell me she hasn't got some kind of luck-fairy sitting on her shoulder. (To be fair, the author of the book does work at her hospital, and was giving a little talk about it (kind of like a book-reading, but less classy, I think), so her chances of winning were probably higher than, say, mine... but still!)

My water consumption is up (check it out: I've had non-chapped lips for a whole 6 hours straight! wow!) and I'm crediting the yoga for that. On those mornings when I do manage to haul my aching carcass from the sack to stretch and noodlefy a bit, I inevitably feel A Vast Thirst to be quenched when I'm done. Shockingly, I tend to actually do something about it too. So on those days I start my morning off with a bottle (or so) of water. It's weird, this healthy lifestyle thing.

I'm still no good at the demure sipping throughout the day that others (read: my coworkers) manage to keep themselves nice and fleshy, but I've been getting better listening to my body (Body To lilephyte: Oy, Holy parched much Batman?) and then kind of binge-chugging water (water: tap, cold) to meet the need. It seems to be working out alright.

So... I know I must be boring anyone who's actually still reading (seriously, what's wrong with you? don't you know there's entertaining ramblage out there?) to tears. I can only assume that my slide into Insanely Dull is because my hobbies have shifted from Slightly Bizarre And Curiosity-Prompting to the much more "normal" Health-Related or Hippie-Forming, and no one wants to read about that stuff. (Unless they're health-obsessed or hippies. But we try not to encourage that around here. What? Stop looking at me like that. We don't!)

My dance class has ended in time for dragon boat to start up again, but I'm still in need of some regular cardio, so maybe I should start scheduling regular clubbing outings. Or alternately, start blasting hip-hop while I shower, and busting a move in there. I'm sure the sudsy water sloshing around my feet wouldn't be a problem -- hip-hop is all about being grounded, rooted. (Except for the bits where it's about being light on your feet, but we'll ignore that.) It could work out? No?

Well, we'll see. In the meantime, I'm just going to head for the shower...

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