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March 23rd, 09:14 | Cheap conditioner!

So the other day I dropped into Walmart for an emergency (well, "emergency", you know how it is) conditioner re-stocking, and they totally had these 1L bottles of some brand or other for $3. (That's like a quarter of a gallon for $2.50 for you US folks.) Maybe I'm just shopping in the wrong places, but that is ludicrously cheap. So.

Having washed my hair with said conditioner last night, I awoke this morning to step into my bathroom and be blinded by the sheen coming off my hair. There was hair-commercial-level radiance, folks. That is completely unheard of for my hair! It's unnatural! Better still, this conditioner actually smells good! (Can you believe I didn't check in the store? I'm losing my touch.) I'll admit it'll never displace Fructis Garnier as the best smelling hair product ever, but for the price? It is totally the best value ever!

Okay, a quick look at the bottle informs me that I was using "European Formula" which, to be fair, I'll probably find in a few weeks does nothing to nourish my hair, but coats it in wax, or something, to infuse it with that scary glow, but in the meantime? I am totally digging this stuff. I -heart- it.

That was it really; I just wanted to share. Also? Chocolate-covered cashews? Way better than you'd think. Those things are deadly.

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