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March 19th, 22:07 | Not just a proto-hippie, now I'm reading self-help stuff regularly too

My time has felt more productive lately, even though I appear to be doing less. My life has the same level of hecticness it did in December, but now everything just seems to fit in with very little struggle on my part. If this is what balance feels like, I can totally deal with that. (Even though I couldn't haul my sorry ass out of bed this morning to yoge no matter how hard I tried to motivate myself. I suppose some well-timed fireman-themed daydreaming may or may not have been counter-productive to that particular endeavour, though.)

So, apart from aforementionned movie, and the Banff (Mostly) Extreme Sports Short Film Festival on Friday, the weekend's mostly consisted of me staying at home and doing a purge of my bathroom. Over the course of the weekend, I have been through all of my bathroom cupboard-space and cleared and re-ordered all of it. (This included throwing out about two-thirds of the makeup I own. That may not seem like a big deal to the people who see me and comment that I never wear makeup anyway, but trust me. It was a lot of makeup.) I also went through all my jewellery and... well, I didn't throw out the stuff I didn't like because, well, I can't handle the thought of throwing out jewellery, but I did put aside the stuff I'm pretty sure I don't want. I'll figure out what to do with it later, I guess.

The result of this pre-emptive spring cleaning (equinox = tomorrow -- get your spring hats on people!) is that I feel less encumbered/trapped by clutter. Now that I know exactly what I have and where it is, I feel more inclined to use it (and finish it) and for some reason, that is a really comforting thought to me these days.

Slightly disquieting is the realization that maybe I'm not a packrat after all, but merely thought I was all this time. (Sound like another revelation I had? Hmm...) Whatever the case, it's a small part of the greater parcel that turns out to be the feeling that I am finally getting my shit in a pile. As it were.

(Of course at this point, I hear Kitty's voice in my head saying "Well Int, isn't shit usually in a pile anyway?" I'm really hard-pressed to counter that because... well, it is, right? But work with the metaphor, okay? You all know what I mean.)

Been reading more motivational and time-management... material*, like this article and thinking about pasting more messages to myself on my closet mirror. I can see that I'm better at some of the things, but still slow on others.

* I had been tempted to write the word "crap", but honestly? That stuff really does make me feel empowered and makes me believe, if only for a short while after that I can tackle everything. I should probably read it more often, to keep the "I can do it!" high.

We're three months in, and I've slowed down a bit on some of my new year's energy, but I still feel hopeful for the year. It's a good feeling. And best still -- spring is coming! Yay for new beginnings and more sunshine!

Alright, that's enough of that.

I'm a little annoyed that my plans to get my taxes done were Viciously Thwarted by the software, but it's okay. I'll get them done sometime. In the meantime, however, I plan to sit in bed finishing antoher child psychology book and try to talk myself out of eating my weight in cinnamon hearts.

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