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January 16th, 15:11 | Post-lunch addendum

So, here in suburbia, we are forever trying to re-inject meaning into our consumer-driven lives, and this happens a lot by creating snazzy new flavours (fusion cuisine!) for insta-dinner-type foods, and apparently, the lastest in this trend is flavoured canned tuna. You're all, I'm sure, familiar with canned tuna which used to pose such troublesome questions as "Do I want it packed in oil? Or water?" and which, really, wasn't a particularly exciting addition to food, but it was easy. Some marketing type somewhere has apparently decided that folks, we can't be eating boring tuna anymore -- it's time to throw that shit out and jazz up our lunches (or whatever). So my mom and I, out of sheer curiosity, bought one of every flavour of these individual-serving-sized cans (with rip-top handles, no less, you know, for those people who can't help themselves, who just bust out a spoon and dig in the second they get home, I guess...?) and today I decided to launch the Spicy Thai Chili flavour by mixing it in with my KD. I was a little worried it would clash but no, oh no, my fears were completely unjustified. I'm serious. I just discovered the best possible addition to KD since milk. Boring tuna is never gracing my radioactive noodles again! It is so good. You have to try it. Even if you hate KD. GO, go now. Don't walk -- run! -- to your grocery store and pick this stuff up. It's so good, I might even cut back on the cookie consumption (probability: 0.003).

I probably shouldn't though. I mean, then what would I mix in with all the chocolate milk my mom bought? Apparently, I'm staving off the sore-throat-cold-hybrid I felt creeping up on me earlier this morning by drinking my weight in chocolate milk (diluted, as is my wont, with regular 2%) and rocking out to Letters To Cleo. Have I mentionned that I love working from home?

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