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January 16th, 10:54 | First-ever tagged meme

While I love Andrew's Playground and will be the first to tell all about the friendly community and things there, I have to say, I've never really thought I was an active part of said community. However iooi has ended my blog-lurking days (as it were), and forced me to Reveal All! (Again... as it were.) So, I present:

5 Weird Habits I Have (because let's face it, if I didn't limit myself to just 5, we'd be here all day, folks)

1 - Despite being a list addict I have yet to cross that oh-so-meta line and take up the practice of listing my lists. I do have a notebook dedicated to lists, but no lists within it of lists. I think this is a good thing. It's not a line I really want to cross, although I couldn't tell you deep down in my notebook-junkie heart why I feel that way.

2 - I like reading perched on my bathroom counter. This has been true in both houses I've lived in, and I don't know why; it's not that comfortable, frankly. Maybe it's the lighting? Something comforting about an over-heated room while you perch with your back to a cabinet and your feet resting on the edge of the sink? Whatever it is, it's where I tend to perch and read.

3 - If I'm on the phone and there is a reflective surface around, I will watch my reflection as I talk. My roommate in first year theorized that it's because even though I'm by myself, I like having the idea of someone that I'm actually talking to. This may or may not be true. Consequently, if I'm in my room, I'll either look out the window (if it's night) at my reflection, or go sit on my famous bathroom counter, and talk to my mirror. (Do I sound insanely narcissistic yet? I don't get it, I just do it.)

4 - I love cats, I relate to cats, I've fantasized about my two cats that I want to own (Toik and Shro) when I get my own place since forever, but I'm allergic to them. This blows, and means I'll probably end up getting a dog (since they tend not to make me sniffy, and don't irritate me as long as they're big) but I live in a weird dichotomy between loving cats and really wanting my own and tearing up and getting sniffly every time I hang out with my sister (who has two). Despite this, however, when I daydream about what it'd be like to be able to transform into an animal (because, hey, *everyone* does that -- don't lie), I'm usually something canine. I find this odd, because I loves the kitties.

5 - As we've previously established, I believe firmly that the quality of your day *can* be (at least partly) determined by your underwear. (If you're new, you remember that Calvin & Hobbes where he's all sulky and saying "some days even your lucky rocketship underpants don't help"? Okay, well, kind of like that, but in reverse.) I'm addressing not so much the pants part, as the bras, but I will actually select my underthings based on how hard a day I think I'm going to have. If I have a meeting with my manager or some activity I'm dreading, I will don the most frou-frou, happy-memory-associated underwear I have. (Within reason; if there's a sporting event involved, clearly lace is not a good choice; duh.)

Okay, next part: tagging. I don't really believe in tagging, and I'd be pretty hard-pressed to find people to do it. So I'll just open-invite this one. Okay?

In other news, far be it from me to summarize how I'm feeling using cheesy musical lines, but it just might be a happy new year.

Spent the weekend in Ottawa with The Boy Formerly Known As The Boy (?), watching hockey and cheesy 80s movies, having conversations that have been waiting to be had for two years, and eating more all-day-breakfast food than is strictly healthy. (Also: I need a blender; my milkshake consumption isn't nearly where it should be.)

I feel so much lighter. No less confused, no more sure about where I'm going with anything, but... lighter. It's a weird feeling, to feel like everything is messier, but still better. I get the feeling this is going to cause problems sometime in the nearish future.

In spite of it all, though, it just feels good to know we're hearing each other again.

So, yeah. Two weeks in, and so far I've been flossing daily, have sung in public, signed up for hip-hop classes (partly to get in shape for this year's dragonboat), I've made huge leaps on an old, hurt friendship, I've disclosed 5 weird traits about myself On The Internet (*gasp!*) and with way more luck than I'm due, I might get into teaching school. I dare anyone to tell me this year's not going to be awesome.

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