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June 21st, 18:26 | happy solstice! with bruises!

So, I've finally done it. (Quiz time! What is it that lilephyte has done? a) Thrown convention to the wind and outed herself as a lesbian earth-mother type; b) Cracked and bought the Kelly Clarkson album; c) Been discovered -- she'll be appearing in small print ads in next year's yellowpages; d) Actually killed a pigeon she was charging at downtown; e) some combination of the above.) Give up? Read on...

The answer, my friends, is that finally, after a long and illustrious career of being a sometimes-terrifying driver, I have now actually driven into a pole. That's right, a stationary wooden post. Was I drunk? Was I fraught with emotion, alone and tearful in the car? Was I being held at gunpoint and nervous from the pressure? No, sadly no. I was trying to parallel park The Tank on some narrow, street-car-track-riddled street (*cough*Queen St.*cough*) in the Beaches, where I was taking my parents for Father's Day dinner.

Can you believe it? Seven years now (Christ, has it been that long already??) of essentially flawless driving (I won't say my passengers were never terrified, but I will say that my misjudgements in terms of Car Contacting Other Things were extremely few) and I had to drive into a fucking post with my parents in the car. You see? This is why parallel parking should involve driving over the curb, not backing up to it.

Happily, The Tank, she is a robust creature. You can't tell at all that I caressed a pole with her back bumper. Still, I'm quite miffed about the whole thing.

On a somewhat-related note: anyone looking for a superb steakhouse in the Beaches area? Head for the Tulip. Portions are huge, food is great. I was so full, I didn't even have room for their "Famous chocolate cake" (and my mom wouldn't let me order a slice to go; pooh). I am totally going back.

Still on the topic of bruises, though, does anyone else do the Bruise Inventory thing in the shower? No? It must be just me then. I find that while I'm showering, I'll find all these mystery bruises, some of which hurt when poked, some of which don't, that I have no idea about the origins of. I mean, most of them are on my arms or shins, with the occasional visitation on a hip. But seriously? Like I know I'm clumsy, but I'm not that clutzy. Where do they come from??

I'm starting to think I have that type of skin that just bruises really easily. Boo to that.

After a checkup at my doctor's (that's right folks -- I went for my first-ever, grown-up checkup! I actually have my very own family doctor now!) she informed me that my bloodwork claims that I have, in fact, had the chickenpox before (or at least, have managed to smuggle some antibodies). This is totally news to me, but quite exciting.

...on re-reading, I think we've had quite enough excitement for one day. I'll take me off elsewhere now.

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