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June 17th, 09:35 | Near-death frisbee, and the cable service

One broken nail. One forgetful girl with no water. Two subs for a seven-player line. One opposing team with two full lines of players. One field with a strong wind blowing straight down it. Two and a half gruelling hours. One undefeated team that is next week being rotated into the competitive league.

I always need to psych myself up for Ultimate (it's just so much work) but I'm always glad when I do. I still feel that I'm not hauling my own weight, but I did make some good plays yesterday, and one spectacular, just-inside-the-endzone catch. (My patented catch? Oh, it's not just the "pancake" frisbee catch of the newbie. No, no. If I'm worried, I'll bust out the patented full-body, wrap-self-around-disc-like-a-clam catch. Very attractive, I know. But hey, it's effective.)

So that was yesterday. I'm still feeling the effects today (my everything! it hurts!), although the soreness is much tempered by the fact that I'm enduring it in my jammies while working from home. There are some days when I can't understand how my life is possible. It's like the universe goes out of its way to spoil me. It's a disconcerting feeling, because I always feel that it'll catch up to me eventually; like racking up a huge bill on my karmic credit, that I have no way of paying back.

In less metaphysical news, we got Bell ExpressVu installed on Wednesday, and after much technical screwing around (the technician was supposed to be there before noon; when I got home at 7:40pm he was hanging out with my parents waiting on Bell's tech support to help him reset our box or something) when he finally had his gear ready to go, our technical installer (I have no idea what his name was) turned towards us. Just for some background, I had just gotten out of the shower, and was hungry and disgruntled, my mom was politely waiting for the techguy to leave so she could serve dinner, my dad was politely waiting for the guy to move so he could show him out. So he turns to our very picturesque, just-about-to-sit-down-to-dinner suburban family and says...
"I notice you're not subscribed for any of the adult entertainment channels. Would you be interested?"

My mom's face: Mild Confusion. ("Did... did he just say what I think he did?")
My dad's face: Barely-Suppressed Mirth. ("Snnrk!")
My face: Shock Crossed With Indignation. ("Guy we have internet access -- why the fuck would we PAY for porn??")

"Umm, no, thank you. We're okay with the channels we ordered. Thanks for all your help..."

As I said: my life? Awesome.

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