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March 11th, 10:18 | A whole grab-bag of feel-good emotions...

(Update at 14h36... and again at 15h50; the fun just never stops!)

Angry. Angry at a lot of things, mostly at Kovin. This guy's known me for about two years, and he met me through my university's anime club. (No, it's not Japanese cartoon porn.) During my brief tour in power, I was PR for the club. (Yeah, laugh all you want; it's possibly the least desired job because people never make all they can of it.) Anyway, while I was PR, I got to know everyone in the club, and worked my ass off trying to make sure they were happy. He understood this. We hit it off, for a number of reasons. For the upcoming year, I would like to serve as PR again, but given that the current PR (referred to henceforth as "That Cosplaying Twat Who Couldn't Do My Job Properly If Her Life Depended On It") hasn't posted anything about next year's elections, along with the time-constraint worries of it being my last year, and me being a don and all, I'm not sure I can. What Kovin has asked is that I run, instead, for Services (person who gets to keep all the tapes), and just let him do my job.

I am fucking insulted. The boy wrote me a campaign speech (Me?? I can do press in my fucking sleep, and coder-boy, who can't spell "hesitant" thinks he's going to write me my fucking campaign speech??? I think not) and essentially said "smile and look pretty, win votes, and let me handle the manly technical stuff... oh, and keep all the tapes". No, I do not think so, Mr. Kovin. I feel for the fact that because you're not a student you can't run for the exec, but you know what? That's too fucking bad. I Am Not Some Simpering Smiling Puppet.

I'm fucking insulted. And I should've let him know that when I answered his email. This whole tech-support being-nice-to-people thing is destroying my ability (or willingness?) to write scathing emails it seems. I wouldn't have been so insulted if it had come from someone else. I'm offended because it was him. Kovin is an alright guy, kinda petty at times, but on the whole, not bad. He respects me, he says, because I'm the only one of his friends who thinks. It insults me that this is something he'd propose to a friend he respects. LAN party my ass. This guy is getting lambasted the next time we meet. And he still owes me for my router. Fucker.

Sad. Sparky kicked it yesterday and I was actually really surprised. I came in yesterday morning, expecting to see Sparky floating, but he was swimming -- horizontally! -- and looked pretty good. I figured the weekend of calm, and not feeding (i.e. over-feeding) them had done them good. I was happy, hopeful.

Mid-afternoon, alerted by a cry of "He's dead!" from Co-Worker, I looked over to see Sparky bobbing fins-up in the bowl, gill action at zero. I sent him on his way from the ladies' around 15h. He was a good fish. Seriously though, 8 days? 8 days that fish survived with us. 8.

Disappointed. I have high standards, and this is (much like everything) very much a mixed blessing. When my Boy tells me the night before that he's going to write me a long email, I expect one, and for me "long" means "more than 6k" (since we both write ours in plain text). It does not mean half-assed answers to a notelet I sent a week ago, written when his thoughts were obviously elsewhere. (Or nowhere, due to sugar high.)

Normally, it wouldn't matter. Normally I wouldn't care. I'd smile, and write something back. But today, half our team's missing, and the ones who are here have apparently decided that I'm going to field 60% of the calls. Today the same people call back three times to ask me the same fucking questions. Today Kovin asks me if I'll smile pretty so he can have a privilege which he just doesn't get to have because MY university runs that club, for fuck's sake, and he's not a student. Today is day five of That Cosplaying Twat Who Couldn't Do My Job Properly If Her Life Depended On It not responding to my very nice, very simple, 10-second email.

Today is not a good day to cross me. It's just generally not a good day.

Slightly mollified by Kovin who wrote back essentially saying that without me and the former pres (who was there while I was) the exec of the anime club would be headed to Hell faster than you can say "Martha Stewart". Etc. I think he understood why I turned him down.

Extremely tense about the don thing though. One of the interns here applied and got an email today informing him that he's been rejected, but is on the waiting list. I got no such email (and I'd fucking better not!) but I didn't get one accepting me either. I just haven't heard from them in any form. ARGH.

Still kinda miffed at Boy. I calmed down sufficiently to write him an email, and he hasn't answered. I realize that by now he's in class, and that this morning he was (theoretically) working on his lab, but goddamnit, I'm his girlfriend, and I'm in need of sympathy! What do you mean he can't read my mind from five hours away???

So ResLife has now written me to inform me that I made the cut. Which is just as well, 'cause I'm pretty much out of hot chocolate. Now, all we need is for Boy to take off his tinfoil hat, realize that I'm pissy and send me a nice long email...

It's good to be smiling again. :) Thanks chan.

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