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March 12th, 16:29 | newly fish-less team

So Bobo's lying at the bottom of the bowl... on his back... with no gill action apparent. *sigh* I hate my team some days. (And it really is them. They feed the fish anything, way too often, and seriously jostle them.) To be fair, I doubt the water was prime goldfish-rearing water, though.

I'm about tired of sifting through old entries of peoples where they're bitching about Diaryland downtimes. I'm not a gold/supergold member either, and while I don't add entries perhaps as often as some people, I do mess around with small details (i.e. change my template) a lot, and there have been times when I wanted to write and couldn't because of server overloads.

Maybe it's just because I help people put together the type of machine Andrew's running, and I know how expensive it is. Maybe it's just because I happen to know that if I were running this site, I'd want a machine about twice the size he's got hosting it. Maybe it's because I realize how fucking expensive running a site is. Whatever it is, I think his solution was pretty fucking sweet (as compared to mine, which would've been "We're swapping up servers, the site'll be up in a week. Bye.") so people saying "Yeah, I know I'm not a paying member, but that doesn't mean I have to like anal rapage" can go fuck themselves (yes, up the ass, if they like). Type up your entry in a text window and email it to yourself if you're at a console that you don't own. Fuck. Don't complain about a service that is way, way more expensive than you realize. People complain when their hotmail or yahoo accounts are temporarily frozen, but those sites have massive companies behind them. Andrew provides almost seamless uptime, and he doesn't have that kind of backing.

So shut up. Or go use Blogger or something.

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