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March 7th, 18:11 | cinnahearts + coke == ew

Ugh. I didn't think it was possible to screw up breaded veal, but oh, it's possible. Ewwwwww. I'm experiencing a mysterious craving for meat patties (of the spicy beef variety) and it won't go away. I seem to crave lots of specific foods at odd times. Yesterday, it was for tempura'd vegetables. (Of course, we filled that one. I am so thankful for the Japanese food place right across the street from here. So cheap! So yummy! The waitstaff and owner (Candace) even knows us!!) Our team is just incredibly food-based. Or maybe I'm just pathetic. I walked in Thursday morning, to find a couple leftover timbits from the day before. One of them was one of the cinnamon ones, so naturally, I was all over it like a crackwhore on leopardprint. (To my credit, my team never gets cinnamon timbits, the freaks. I love them.) Anyway, it was a day old, and thus somewhat stale. Did that stop me from enjoying it way more than I should have? Oh, no. Cinnamon is a cruel mistress, let me tell you. On the bright side though, in terms of cinna-cravings, The Boy mailed me a huge box of cinnamon hearts for my birthday -- and it actually got there on the right day! ^_^ I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I'm a total cinnamon-heart addict-freak, and I hadn't had more than 10 this year, since he "accidentally" took the box I bought back to Ottawa with him. Mmmmm...cinnamon hearty goodness... I can actually feel myself salivate. How sad.

...urk. I've just realized I devoted a whole paragraph to my food cravings. I think that officially makes my life (and journal!) somewhere on a par with watching the crap in the fishbowl float around, on the "interest" scale.

And crap there is! Despite my having changed the water just this morning, there is already floating goo in the fishbowl that Sparky and Bobo call "prison". For this reason, I'm picking up a bag of pebbles this weekend. Of course, I'm kinda worried, since I was doing some reading online that says that goldfish produce too much waste to be fishbowl pets -- they need aquariums. Go lilephyte for doing her research before buying the fish. Sparky's been doing this weird vertical thing most of today, which makes me worry he's going to kick it over the weekend, but I figure, that's okay. More water for Bobo that way. It's Nature... kind of... in chlorinated water. (Oh yes, I also learned that I was changing their water all wrong, too. Damnit!!)

So the moral of that story, folks, is that if you're going to buy goldfish, buy them a freaking aquarium, and also, when you change fishbowl water, pour out ~20%, replace with bottled water. Don't put them in a whole new, acclimatized bucket overnight, change all of the fishbowl's water, and let it sit overnight to adjust, then move them back like I did. Well. If nothing else, being at Workplace is teaching me about the care of goldfish. (Man, am I ever glad I don't have to write up an internship report at the end of this.)

It's been one of those long, quiet days. The team in general hasn't been feeling very chatty, or something. Feel kinda isolated and blar. I really hope this brunch thing with Linlin happens, although I'm quite aware of how tenuous plans with her tend to be. We'll see.

The war on ICQ is still on. Sucky, but not as hard today. But, I was kept pretty busy in the morning part. Heh. Someone wrote me this as a thank-you email after I answered all her questions:

    To: lilephyte@Workplace
    Subject: RE: FW: STILL re: [topic]

    You rock my world, Lilephyte!!

    So informative and speedy too!!

    Thanks so much - have a great weekend.

    I hope you realize that now that I know how knowledgeably and helpful you are, I will be bothering you ALL the time!! Ha ha


See?? I'm not crazy. Working in tech support totally has its rewards. :) Anyway, need to finish up and go home. Tchuss.

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