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March 7th, 21:59 | Would Jesus join a diaryring?

Alright, I'm officially a D-Land whore. I'm ashamed to admit that I've joined my first diaryring, something which I'd actively resisted until now. Damnit. I also recently actually filled out my profile information, as well. The next thing you know I'll be writing one of those "all about me" bio pages. This whole "willpower" thing really sucks when you don't have any, you know?

Anyway, while sitting here, relishing the irony that I, of all people, have joined a diaryring that exorts its members to write, fervently hoping SquirrelX isn't going to drop by and notice that...
1 - my updates are rather, uh, sporadic
2 - I kinda modified the code because, let's face it, hot pink just ain't me,
I am quietly pushing aside thoughts of schizophrenia. No, shut up, it's the topic I'm currently reading about in Psych. Which I've been avoiding, rather well, up to now.

Actually, somewhere in the background of my mind, my left brain is trying to negotiate with my right brain, who's got my focus held hostage.
"C'mon, Rightey. Just release the focus, for the whole half hour it would take for her to finally finish reading the fucking chapter, and then we can all go downstairs and watch Bridget Jones' or something. What do you say?"
"Your mother."

That probably says way more about me than I really want to share right now. Hmm.

If I run into one more person with a "What would Jesus do?" pin, or a car with that bumper sticker, I'm going to crack. Come the next red light, I'll be knocking on that person's window saying "Excuse me, you do realize that Jesus died at the hands of the people he was trying to save, asphyxiated whilst nailed to a stick, right? Could you explain to me please why it is we should model our lives, or at least our actions, after him?? Here's my email address, get back to me. And I've got your license number, so don't think you can just ignore me."

That's it, no more sugar after 9pm for me. Sheesh.

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