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February 1st, 16:40 | Happy new year!!

In classic lilephyte-takes-on-the-new-year style, I'm not only adhering to my schedule (how the fuck do you pronounce that?? "shhedgel"? "skedgel"?) I'm ahead. So I'm going to try baking cinnamon scones to celebrate. Go me.

On doing the yoga thing (for the first time in over two weeks; tsk tsk) I've discovered how not-as-flexible I now am. Blar. But at least I've got a good motivator to keep me doing it. All the near-constant studying I've got planned for me is going to be pretty rough. I'm a fidgety person, and have issues sitting for long periods of time. (One of the big reasons I love our desks at work; adjustable so I can stand and pace around it if I want to.) So I figure the keeping active is going to keep me sane (my main reason for making sure I keep going to volleyball).

So my mom made my favourite noodles in the whole world for lunch, and I stuffed myself this morning with "lucky" new year food. I love Chinese New Year, if only because when you wake up in the morning, it's like the kitchen's version of Christmas. You get to snack on too-sweet, too-salty, too-greasy foods, that are all sooooo good!!

I re-arranged some of the crap on my desk, moved Quincey to my room, and am amazed to find more of my desk visible (at the same time!) than I've seen since I moved back in. Perhaps that's what's improving my productivity? Unknown. I think I suffer greatly ("suffer") from New Years Syndrome. Full of hope and ambition, I just work harder, or something.

Still thinking of the New Year snackety food. Back later. Must stuff face.

Just came back from Korean bbq. So. Much. Meat. And so, so, so, so good. My lips are still burning from the kimchi. Good memories of Soo (Korean exchange student who was my housemate for most of last year) and all the food she used to make for me and RecentEx.

My scones turned out well, too! Fluffy and everything. Just... a bit bland. Which really sucks since they're cinnamon. Maybe our cinnamon is old and bite-less? Hmm.

Today has been way too food-based.

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