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January 31st, 23:17 | Yeah, year of the sheep?? Bring it!

Feeling much, much better. Despite my mom's nagging at me about the whole medschool thing (I'm okay with pressure, and panic, so long as it's coming from me), we managed to get some decent conversation in and then I proceeded to watch Robin Hood. I could've watched Hackers again, or a chick flick of some sort, but I wanted fantasy as well as gushiness. God, what would I do without movies??

I suppose my whole reading thing would work better if I buried my problems in books instead of movies, but... it's so comforting to turn to something I know. I mean, I could as easily have re-read bits of Shogun or those Arthurian stories. But that wouldn't help me on my quest either. So I might as well watch Alan Rickman playing a villain, right? ;) Right.

I'm settled, my hair's washed, and I Have A Plan. This is about as ready as I get for a new year. And now, I'm going to bed!

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