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January 24th, 14:25 | oh, yeah; lilephyte the emo grrl.... ha!

Hehe. Pimp Tram. I am so easily amused.

You're every comma and every quote
and every word of every sentence that I wrote.

From my mouth do these words spew
Every single syllable for you
If i string the words together right
You should see you should be with me tonight
You're every vowl in every verb
in every word of every paragraph and blurb.

A Literary Love Song, Diesel Boy

Have my head full of Diesel Boy songs. Weird how whenever I get wistful, longing-type love songs it's them. They may mock the movement, but they're totally emo, baby. *sigh* I have a bizarre relationship with punk.

Been feeling better lately. Feel good at work, like I'm handling things better, and have a better grip on things. I even got some psych in last night. (The reduction in icq-age at work probably has a lot to do with my productivity, but we're going to hush on that topic.)

Had more to say, but lost it all. Blah.

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