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February 20th, 20:59 | I'm fired!

So, a couple things are going on. Firstly, for some reason that I'm not entirely sure I want to dig too deep into, I can't stop listening to the old-school Mariah's Emotions. It's part rocking out to 80s pop (early 90s? whatever), and part just listening in awe/horrified fascination when she hits those really, really, like dog-whistle high notes. I'm assuming this is just the tail-end of the Mariah kick I went on when I stole, ahem, acquired her Grammy-winning album that, honestly, didn't particularly impress me. Clearly, despite taking the classes, I'm not in touch with my hip-hop sensibility after all. (Although I'm totally keeping a couple of the tracks to dance to.)

Next up, mostly to get it over with, I suppose, I guess I could tell you about my abysmal performance as a tutor (remember?) which has resulted in me no longer having to help my non-library tutorling. While it'll be nice to have Mondays and Thursdays to myself again, it's a little disheartening to know that the reason I do is because I'm apparently a complete failure as a tutor. And I want to go to teaching school? Jesus.

There was probably more, but at this point, I'm going to go placate myself by watching a shit movie or something.

(Or possibly by staying where I am, inexplicably now listening to Johnny Cash, because folks? That shit is depressing. Except for the tracks where he's singing with his wife; those ones are peppy and cute.)

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