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September 9th, 13:43 | Not a real update, one of those list meme things

I want to be one of the cool kids too, damnit. Also, I like the introspective/reflective nature of this particular self-indulgent meme (which I modified to be more interview-style; apparently it weirds me out to see too many instances of "was I").

What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Well, I would have been 14, and in our school's grade 9 -- just starting my first year of highschool. I would have been dorky and nervous, giving myself peptalks that I would actually be able to find my way around the mansion (I went to highschool in a converted house; it rocked) and its 18 stairwells without getting lost. I would also have still been nursing my second school-inspired crush.

What were you doing 5 years ago?

    19, eh? I would have been in gael training (frosh leader training for the rest of you), preparing for Frosh Week of my second year. It was a good week, infinitely better than the frosh experience of, umm, frosh. Lots of meeting of new, gregarious people, less homesickness, more dedication to the town I lived in. Excitement about my courses (classes that aren't like highschool ones!), the start of the idea that maybe I was more suited to computer science than biochemistry.

What were you doing 1 year ago?

    Just starting full-time at Workplace (by like three days), a little dizzy still from graduating, kind of missing the freedom of working retail. Glad to see my old team, but knowing that things were not the same. A time of choice between hibernating/sleeping or actively getting up to change things around. In retrospect, I think I did a bit of both, but not in the areas of my life I'd been expecting to do them in.

What were you doing yesterday?

    Uhrrr... working? I went bowling (10 pin) with my team from work afterwards, which was kind of nice. I beat my previous score (70) by a whopping 7 points (shut UP, alright? I realize I suck at bowling) and generally made an ass of myself (in bowling terms) in front of them. I did redeem myself by bowling a strike and two spares entirely out of spite though. ...but only a little.

What are you doing today?

    Working from home, sleepily, and looking forward to seeing chan and Linlin (who we'd all accepted as Living In Shanghai Now!), as she's come back for a Master's at the U. Also: making snide remarks about the world in general with my dad, who is also working from home.

Five snacks you enjoy:

    Muffins, muffins, muffins
    Pudding (chocolate is good, in a tube is better)
    Almost any kind of cake
    That weird, chewy Japanese brand of instant noodles

Five bands you like:

    Bowling for Soup
    Dixie Chicks
    Jack Johnson
    Tegan & Sara

Five things you would do with a million dollars:

    Pay for my baby cousin's schooling
    Buy my parents a house
    Fly my friends to Spain for a week
    Go back to school
    Buy myself a powerbook

Five locations you would like to run away to:

    New Zealand
    Tibet/Western China
    Italy (I've never been!)
    The southern rockies (Colorado-ish)
    Somewhere in South America

Five bad habits:

    (I'm assuming we mean habits I have)
    Procrastination. And how.
    Jumping in and talking over my mom when I think I know what she's saying
    Not flossing
    Over-indulging myself in sulky moments
    Speaking without thinking

Five things you like doing:

    Getting that shy person to get all animated and talking about something they like.

Five TV shows you like:

    (I'm assuming they don't have to be recent, but I'll try)
    CSI (Vegas)
    Jeopardy! (...what??)
    X-Files (look, it was good, okay?)
    ST: TNG
    ...various cartoons?

Five famous people you'd like to meet:

    (I'm assuming that they can be dead)
    Gerrard Manley Hopkins
    Agrippa (or Paracelsus)
    Tori Amos
    Stan Lee (so I can ask him to cast me as a cartoon voice, damnit)
    Guillaume Cote (to see if he remembers me; probably not)

Five favourite toys:

    My kitchen
    My mom's sewing machine
    ...uh, books?
    Small kittens, borrowed

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