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August 27th, 08:45 | The PowerShoe Dynasty draws to a close

Feeling too glugh to swim this morning. Last time I eat porridge for breakfast prior to the morning splash. Woke up slightly earlier than's been the norm lately. Strange dream. Essentially the entire thing was me having a discussion with a guy from highschool who, really, I never really had any contact with, who's going to be leaving to work on a cruise ship soon.

Lot's of white and we were both trying to write a drama exam that (obviously) we hadn't taken the course for, administered by the same highschool drama teacher. Snow. Granular, gritty snow. Not cold though. Weird blend of indoors and outdoors and just... just weird.

I forgot to note here that my PowerShoes died on Sunday, when I went to see The Village. Despite their lifetime warranty ("lifetime" my ASS), I figure I've gotten my $70 out of them, and I'm just going to let them go. I shall miss them though.

Feeling good about a lot of things, pretty ass about others. My mom has decided that I need to learn to cook things Her Way, so I essentially get to help make dinner. Which is awesome. I feel that I'm talking to my dad less these days though, which is anti-awesome. I also get the feeling my mom would like to go shopping with me. Which theoretically sounds great since I need shoes. However, I know that shopping with my mom is a disaster, so maybe it's not such a bad thing. I feel sad that I probably won't see much of her this weekend though, due to cleaning out the locker. On the bright side, she's finally booked the massage I got her for mother's day. (Jeez.)

Yeah, I know. I'm reaching levels of boring previously unsuspected. I'm sorry. More when I'm interesting.

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